The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Snow and Issues

I have a really wonderful apartment. I got so lucky, my first apartment is actually really nice looking, everyone has their own room, we actually have a washer and dryer… yeah, lucky. And most of the time I am nothing but tickled pink about it. I roll around on the floor in joy and all that jazz.


Yeah, there’s always a however. My Shaba is amazing, we get along great, could probably live peacefully together forever if it wasn’t for the whole college ending and moving to different states with different people thing. Then there’s GhostRoommate. She’s a nice girl, we use to get along, but she’s had some massive changes in her life. Very long story. She doesn’t show up a lot here, which is fine, she has other places to be.

But when she is here, dishes don’t get done, food isn’t put away, or she’ll make more food and not throw out the food from, ohhh, two weeks ago. And she’ll use my nail polish. And take a jello shot (made with her jello, so I have to curb my annoyance there) but she took it before 3 in the afternooon. The moral of the story is that I’m annoyed. And I’m tired of being annoyed.

In other news, it’s supposed to be snowing. And it’s raining. This makes me sad.


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