The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Another Useless Post!

When did I first start finding bald men attractive?

Oh yeah… Vin Diesel… that sexy, beautiful, absolutely wonderful man. Give me a moment……. Mmmmmmmm, Riddick. Yeah, he caught the Crim/Psych major with a serial killer character. A well developed and complex serial killer.

Before Vin Diesel started El Revolutione (just say it with an accent) I was all about the long haired guys. Gorgeous, well kept, (that’s the important part) flowing hair. I blame historical romance mostly.

I’ll end this strange post by saying that Boyfriend’s hair is kind of the perfect compromise. Shaved on the sides and just long enough on top that I can play a little. It sounds funny, but it’s actually a very normal looking haircut and he totally rocks it. He also has gorgeous thick hair that makes my flat hair very envious. And he’s even better then Vin Diesel.

… I’ll stop now.


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