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Shop Girl

I have a really great post planned. This is not that post.

Sorry, that post has been on my mind a lot lately, but I just haven’t had time for it. Expect it soon. It will involve Sex. Actually, I think a lot more of my posts will involve Sex. This one will also involve Education.

Anyway, on to this post that you’re actually reading. I love Christmas. I love winter, snow, cocoa (which I so don’t limit to cold weather, much like ice cream is so not limited to warm weather), the spirit of the holidays, seeing family, and having people enjoy the gifts I get/make for them. Oh yeah, and I like presents too! Christmas is kind of a weird thing for me because I’m not Christian and neither are either of my sisters, but that’s a story for another time. We still love celebrating it, which makes mom happy.

On that note… I work in retail. I’m taking a break from it for now, because I work where I go to school, and I’m home for break now. However, before that break I was dealing with Holiday shoppers. Most of whom were lovely, wonderful, and cheerful people. I want to stress that. MOST of the customers I deal with.

I’m not going to bitch about rude people. It’s not worth it right now. I’ll save up some good stories and do that later. I’m going to talk about little things that drive clothing store workers like me insane.

– Why, in the name of whatever god, would you look at a row of hangers all going in the same direction and put something back with the hanger GOING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION?! Okay, you’re in a rush, not looking, that’s fine, it’s my job to make the store pretty, not yours… we’ll let it go. I still hate you a little.

– On a table where things are folded, why would you put something back and fold it in a way that looks NOTHING like what the other sweaters/pants/shirts look like? I honestly think leaving them in a heap is better because I notice that faster and fix it.

– If we ask if we can put things away, we really want to put the things away. Please. just give us the clothes. You don’t save us work if you don’t know how to put things away properly. Which leads me to…

– Again… I know it’s not your job to make my store beautiful, but is it really so hard to put a medium shirt on a hanger back in with the other mediums instead of slamming it front of the extra smalls? I’ll give you the shirt piles, those are difficult to move around. But hangers?

– Just because a pair of pants is black, doesn’t mean it’s the same as all the other black pants in the store. We have many different varieties. If you can’t find where something goes, give it to one of us. Another popular choice is draping it someplace really obvious, which irks me, but not as much as finding Cassidy pants in with Drew pants while I’m trying to show off our pant fits. (Yes, our pants have names)

Those are just a few things that really bother my managers and myself. And some of these things are also done by other employees, but that’s another rant. I’ll definitely have more at a later date.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you shop.

– Never be afraid to ask if there are more sizes in the back. We frequently do and during the busy seasons we don’t always have time to fill in sizes during shopping hours.

– Never be afraid to ask for help. We’re probably bored. And if an employee is rude, like obviously rude, don’t be afraid to leave or to complain.

– On the flip side, if you are pleased with service and have time, there are frequently surveys at the end of your receipt so you can tell us about your experience. They’re online, usually give you coupons, and actually count a lot for us. We need to know what you think of us, good and bad.

– We will help you make decisions. I personally love helping. Confused? Awesome. Ask me and give details.

Otherwise, just have a safe and happy shopping experience. If something is annoying you, take a break, get a pretzel or drink, or maybe it’s time for you to go home and rest a bit. There’s no need to stress yourself, it’s just a holiday.

Good luck, everyone!

(This was much longer than I thought it would be)


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2 thoughts on “Shop Girl

  1. I worked at a shoe store for a couple of months in college. It always drove me nuts when people put things back in the wrong place. Or turned the box around so you couldn’t see the size. Just hand over the shoes, it isn’t a big deal for me to put them up! I’ve become a better shopper because of working there!

  2. Reasons 19-24 on the list of why I am glad I no longer work retail at the mall.

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