The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.


Sorry I’ve been ignoring you. I swear it’s not because I’m cheating. I’ve been baking cookies, cleaning house and greeting my returning sibilings, my younger Saturday night, and older sister with boyfriend tonight. Then Christmas tree getting Sunday morning (which was blog worthy… give me a second) and now decorating cookies and whatnot.

We woke up very early to get the tree this year because it was suppose to rain around 10. So we went at like 9. As we passed a highway flower shop, one I know as a cute little thing, I noticed something was amiss. Namely the giant orange flames that were shooting out of it. We called 911 and almost immediately heard sirens. Luckily, no one but the poor plants and the building was hurt, everyone made it out.

Then we got the tree, with massive amounts of snow coming down on us. Great tree though. And it was a fun experience. Coming back, the fire was out, which made me very happy. Boyfriend is a firefighter, so I know some terms and that building was fully involved. Huge amounts of rescue vehicles responded to this. (Although Boyfriend tells me the number was fairly normal for a structure fire) The fire made me slightly (very slightly) anxious, bringing back memories I hadn’t realized still bothered me. (I was in a house fire not long ago, poor Shaba’s house) Then later that night I saw a news report about a 7 year old boy who died in a house fire that day. So bad day for memories and fires.

I’m still totally mesmerized by flames though. I just wish the anxiousness would go away.

However, tonight we decorate the tree, the immediate family will all be here, and my cookies are delicious. I would have pictures, but I can’t find my camera cord. I’ll fix that.


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