The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Hello, 2009

Those stories I told you I had? I lied. I just like to draw you in. Actually, I do have stories, but they’re the kind of stories your doddering old grandaunt tries to tell the fruit bowl since everyone else has quietly snuck away to get drunk and throw wrapping paper in the fire.

I don’t have any aunts like that.

Regardless, I don’t remember what those stories were, or why I thought you’d be interested… oh, yeah. Dryers.

ANYWAY! I’m writing to you on a brand new, extremely shiny laptop. Which is amazing because my other laptop has been dying for the past two years. For the first time in about a year, I have sound. Think about that… every time someone sent a link, you saw an interesting news link that turned out to be a video… TOO BAD! Excuse me while I roll around on the ground in joy. Also, this laptop has tons of memory, stays up when I tilt it up, and isn’t broken as all hell. YAY!

I’m also back from a lovely weekend that was a perfect end to the true holiday festivities. I visited the Boyfriend and had an amazing time. Full of snuggles, truly lovely presents, and his family which I enjoy immensely (thank god).

I also had a pretty good time at a post-Christmas party. I still have the bruises, actually. It was a lot of fun with some great high school buddies (the ones I still like, with one awkward dude who felt you should do shots of cognac… cognac! You sip that, ass, not chug it.) Well, I may have had a bit too much of a good time and me being me… ended up in the dryer. Why? Because someone said I couldn’t fit into it. And trust me, I can. So that was fun. Ran around with my X* and Shellington and generally had a good time and was grateful my little sister was there to drive me home. Not so glad she got to see me get in the dryer.

In my defense… I’ve climbed into dryers stone cold sober. I’m not sure what that’s defending other than my insanity, but whatever. I fit, so why not?

And now I find myself in a new year. Unlike my dear roommate Shaba, I like odd years. Well, I’m not sure about that, but I’m having some pretty good thoughts of this one. Usually I have a hard time switching gears into a new year. I feel like I’m ready for this one and I think the first time I try to write 09, it will be a success.

I’m hoping this year is kind to you as much as I’m hoping it’s kind to me too. Or at the very least, story-worthy.

* X is not an ex, she’s one of my most beloved friends. Just to clear that up.


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One thought on “Hello, 2009

  1. You make me laugh!

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