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Of Contracts, Lies, and Shoes

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a few days, but there has been a bit of… excitement? Burning rage? Something like that. Either way, I’m getting an ulcer. Actually, I think I’m dealing rather well, I’ve even laughed about this.

GhostRoommate informed Shaba and I through a Facebook message a couple of days ago that she’d made the decision a few weeks ago to move out and stop paying rent, after signing a year lease in July. Excusemewhaaaaat? No. No. Fuck you. Oh, but she was being nice enough to pay for January. That was nice, right? Oh, also, she hasn’t paid cable since November and didn’t tell us. The cable company told us by shutting it off. She was the only one who paid because she was supposed to tell us how much we owed her and she never did. YAY!

So I called her mom.

This got me a hurt and angry Facebook message about how mean I was and unreasonable and, and, and SHE HAD PAID FOR JANUARY, WASN’T THAT NICE?! Yup…. fucking fantastic. You did what the contract said you had to do, congratulations, moron.

*sighs* Part of me feels I shouldn’t be airing this to the internet world, but hey… this is my blog and I’m pissed. Also… the level of crazy going on is kind of funny.

Also, a Facebook message? You don’t answer our calls or Facebook messages telling you about the poopartment or the lack of cable, but you try to break a lease via Facebook? And then instead of calling me, you send another message when you’re mad at me? This girl has a baby, for the love of god, yet still operates on a jr. high level. I’m terrified.

Anyway, enough about that. Sorry to drag you into the crazy, but I’m annoyed. And kind of hurt. We were supposed to be friends. In OTHER news, I went shopping today with my mom, which was a lot of fun. We got her awesome boots and during that we also managed to snag me a pretty purse that wasn’t bought from an Army/Navy store (which means it was sliiiiightly more than 10 bucks, damnit) and a simply beautiful dark green coat from Nine West. I will post pictures soon because this coat is glorious and defies description. Thank god for sales.

This is a recent event in my life, caring about purses and shoes and whatnot. I’ve always had a love affair with boots, but now I want a disposable income so I can have shooooes. Gorgeous shoes, hard core shoes, sexy shoes and boots. Lots and lots of boots. I want to look good and I want to accessorize to compliment my outfits. And this honestly feels nice. I like being a girl.

Now, I may go re-paint my nails. Thanks for listening, internets.


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2 thoughts on “Of Contracts, Lies, and Shoes

  1. I can’t believe she’s turned out to be so ridiculous. It’s scary as hell that she’s raising another human being.

  2. theredthreads on said:

    Yeah, I’m pretty upset about that. It worries me.

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