The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

So Very Polite

So, two weeks into this, we still don’t have cable or internet. Hence the lack of updates. I’ve managed to find a weak internet source, so we’re working off of that for now. Things should be fixed shortly.

I’m just really tired of not know what’s going to happen. That’s kind of my life theme right now. Not sure what’s going on after graduation, not sure what’s going on with the apartment, not sure about anything really. And it’s beginning to grate on me.

GhostRoommate was here today, which really weirded me out. I pulled into my parking spot and saw her vehicle and the first thing I thought was “Crap, what the hell is she doing here.” I’m honestly not sure why she came, since she left with only two sweaters and box of letterhead it looked like. Weird. However, our interactions were so very polite. She made no mention of the voicemail we left that she never responded to, but whatever.

Anyway, I’m back online.


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