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Impulse Control

Have you ever just done something wild and possibly stupid because you wanted to?

Sometimes I just want to do the weirdest, strangest, or most random things just to see what would happen. I’ve screamed out loud, skipped down hallways, and talked to strangers. I still get those urges, and at weird times.

Such as today, when I was walking back to my car after lunch. I park near an elderly apartment complex and I’m fairly certain it’s the maintenance man who leaves flowers on my car. He’s one of those strangers I’ve talked to, because I’ll stop for a conversation if someone says something. This doesn’t always go so well, but this man has been pleasant, if strangely possessive of me when other men try to talk to me around him.

So my strange impulse today? Several months ago this man said that if I ever wanted to go to lunch, to just let him know. Nothing too strange, just a friendly gesture. Still, one I turned down because I don’t know him and I am a paranoid person and don’t like to encourage things. This afternoon, as I walked back to my car, I considered accepting his invitation.

Why? Because what if it really was totally innocent, something he just thought would be nice, with someone he enjoys talking to? It would be kind of interesting to have a random lunch with someone I don’t know very well.

I won’t follow through with this impulse. I am too paranoid and frankly, this man does make me a little nervous. However, there is a part of me that wishes I would just go for it.

What was your craziest impulse and did you follow through with it or not?


After the Break

Well, since my school is very strange, my Spring Break is over just as so many others are starting theirs. I’m not quite sure how they can get away with calling it Spring Break since it started in February. I can’t blame my school for this, but on the first Sunday on break, I looked out across my yard, which was filled with fluffy, fresh, white snow and then looked at my mom and asked “How is it Spring Break when it’s snowing?” She had no answer.

I had a reaaaally good time on break though. Lil’Sis had the same break I did, so that was fun and Wednesday through Friday I went up to Boyfriend’s college and hung out with him. That was a really nice time. It was good to have some alone time together and we got to spend longer than usual together since he followed me down to my house for the weekend since a friend was having a going away party, as he’ll be leaving for the Navy very soon.

We also had Lil’Sis’s fake birthday, as we were (mostly) there and it was close to her real one. TA, my big sister, wasn’t there, but you do what you can. Her fake birthday included a fancy dinner out (I got to wear my gorgeous black dress and I finally had duck!! Delicious) and a concert with Yo Yo Ma and the Silk road Ensemble. They really should have called it The Silk Road Ensemble, P.S. We Have Yo Yo Ma, But He Doesn’t Want to Make a Big Deal About It. It was lovely, just not what we expected. The next day, Lil’Sis’s real fake birthday, we went to the zoo, had cake and presents, and then Boyfriend and I went to our friend’s party. It was a very good time that got me a new show to watch (from the 80s!) and the world’s greatest line from my friend’s rather drunk mother.

Now I’m back in NEPA and we kicked off my return with friends coming over to watch a movie and make brownies (because we totally don’t do this five times a week…) However, the movie was put on hold while I did dramatic readings from a blog. Shaba, The Philisopher, and I had a brief acquaintance with the author as she went to our school, and this blog so perfectly captured her personality it was amazing. And a little nauseating. Did I mention I’m not a nice person? If I think you’re an idiot, a hypocrite, or any number of things, I’m going to make fun of you. And apparently I do it in a way that makes others laugh. Shaba wants me to take paragraphs from this blog and dissect it here like I was last night. We’ll see.

Either way, I’m back and looking forward to what happens next. And for the love of god, if I ever start behaving like that person in her blog, please make fun of me. Please find me and mock me to my face.

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