The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Impulse Control

Have you ever just done something wild and possibly stupid because you wanted to?

Sometimes I just want to do the weirdest, strangest, or most random things just to see what would happen. I’ve screamed out loud, skipped down hallways, and talked to strangers. I still get those urges, and at weird times.

Such as today, when I was walking back to my car after lunch. I park near an elderly apartment complex and I’m fairly certain it’s the maintenance man who leaves flowers on my car. He’s one of those strangers I’ve talked to, because I’ll stop for a conversation if someone says something. This doesn’t always go so well, but this man has been pleasant, if strangely possessive of me when other men try to talk to me around him.

So my strange impulse today? Several months ago this man said that if I ever wanted to go to lunch, to just let him know. Nothing too strange, just a friendly gesture. Still, one I turned down because I don’t know him and I am a paranoid person and don’t like to encourage things. This afternoon, as I walked back to my car, I considered accepting his invitation.

Why? Because what if it really was totally innocent, something he just thought would be nice, with someone he enjoys talking to? It would be kind of interesting to have a random lunch with someone I don’t know very well.

I won’t follow through with this impulse. I am too paranoid and frankly, this man does make me a little nervous. However, there is a part of me that wishes I would just go for it.

What was your craziest impulse and did you follow through with it or not?


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