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Updated Life

Well… I have officially gradimatated. Which means that at some point I have to update the Boring About Me page. Sadly, I’m nearly fatally lazy so that will probably take awhile.

Along with gradimatating, there have been several other updates in my life. They are as follows:

  • I no longer live in NEPA or That Other State (Also known as the Ocean State). A good portion of my crap is still in the Ocean State including my beloved fish and guinea pig (I MISS YOU!!!) but that will be changing over the weekends.
  • I live in the forest and mountains now. Also known as the NH state. I love it, it makes me happy, calm, and delighted. Usually all at the same time. Good job, new state. Good job.
  • I live with my The Boyfriend now. Yes, I meant to phrase it that way. Enjoy twitching when you read that. That’s right. So now I no longer have to dread the coming of Sunday which meant the tearing away of Snuggles, Loves, Hugs, Interesting Face to Face Conversations, and Hogan’s Heroes. This is amazing and still has not sunk in.
  • We have a house. How cool is that? I kind of copied Shaba there. Or she copied me. Either way, we both have houses and we’re both amazing.
  • We don’t live in the house yet. It needs real floors and some paint. Then we can live inside it.
  • I turned down a job offer because I’m either A) an idiot or B) sane enough to realize that a poorly paying job with bad hours a long and twisty commute away probably would have killed me. So let’s hope I get a positive call from the job I really want!
  • This weekend Drew, The Philosopher, and the delectable Sher came to visit me because they are wonderful, beautiful friends. It was great to see them, show them where I’m going to be and hopefully I didn’t bore them too much.
  • I’m hungry.

Okay, that should do it for now. Hopefully it won’t be so ridculously long before my next update.

Edit: Dear god, I actually stopped being lazy and updated my profile on the same day I said I wanted to! A Christmas Miracle!


More Annoyances

Yay! Another ranty post!

Fun Fact: There are few things more annoying than bitching at someone for not being more decisive and taking control when they have just done that very thing and you couldn’t make a decision to save your mom or your brother. (The key to that decision is which one hugs better)

Seriously… And on that note, I’m also really tired of people being incapable of making plans until ten minutes before the plans actually happen.

*sighs* Sorry… had to get that off my chest since I already yelled about it to the person, but had to get it out some more or I was going to burst my hand through his chest Alien style. LOVE!

Mind Rambles

So… my last class of undergraduate college was yesterday. Wednesday, April 29th. I didn’t go. (It was computer class and for the first time in my college career, I woke up drunk. I blame The Philosopher. Totally his fault.)

So why haven’t I been writing to you? Well, because it’s been the last few weeks of college, my friends inexplicably love me and tend to kidnap me, and capstone sort of ate my life. Also, I’m lazy and didn’t feel like writing depressing posts, which seemed to be the mood an unfortunate amount of the time I had free to write. YAY ME!

So let’s revisit that first paragraph. Last class. Of college. Unless I’ve royally fucked up somewhere and I’ve checked and don’t think I have. (Pray that Public Safety still doesn’t know who my car belongs to, otherwise I owe about 150 in parking tickets) This is actually affecting me a lot more than I thought it would. High school was easy. At the prom, all my friends started crying and I hugged them thinking “Dude, we’re going to be fine. Summer? Vacations? Get a car and visit me? I’ll try to do the same?” I was really ready to move on.

This? This is a little more intense. And I’m still not sure why. The same as with high school, I’m moving to a new place where I don’t know a lot of people (Heeeello The Boyfriend and family) and away from people I love and places I’m comfortable and familiar with. I tend to do well with moves like this. So why is this hurting? Granted, not having a secure form of employment and all these impending bills and sudden responsibilities are a bit daunting, but…

It doesn’t help that Shaba is leaving me and I feel like we never got enough time to ourselves. That’s mostly my fault, I’ll admit that. So, that means it’s my responsibility to kidnap her and lock her in my trunk. YES! Perfect, no consequences plan.

The point of this post? My mind rambles, I’m worried/interested about the next step in my life, I’m going to miss my friends like CRAZY, and I’m probably going to get arrested for kidnapping.


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