The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

All Business

I have a conundrum, my dears. One of my new and fun co-workers decided to jump ship (I’m too awesome to work with, apparently) and therefore his office is up for grabs and was offered to me. I find this amusing, since I’m currently in his old office. Now… do I take this new office which is large and in the same hallways as two other case managers I adore or stay in this tiny office with a bajillion windows and gorgeous view of the courtyard? Decision – difficult. Big office is big, has windows, and is close to cool co-workers who answer questions, but I would occasionally be kicked out of it so the teleconference people could use it (they had it first). Tiny office has lots of windows, an amazing view, and isn’t that far from nifty co-workers who answer questions, but is tiny and lacks some things. So what would you do in my place?

Am I going to become that boring person who only blogs about work? Yes.

No I’m not, don’t worry.

In other news, I am having serious animal issues. Okay, that’s not new, but my urges to purchase soft loveables (and scaly ones) increase as my bank account does. Mer. Love/Boyfriend keeps getting this “I will slaughter you if you don’t drop this right now, you ridiculous five year old” look in his eyes. Granted, that’s mixed with the “shut up, shut up, I want a kitten too, but we’re trying to be responsible adults!” look, but we try not to push it.

Also, I want my tattoo. I want it so badly, even if it’s just a trace for right now to find out the right size and placement for it. I promised myself a graduation tattoo and I am graduated and by some miracle I have a job. So why don’t I have a tattoo yet? This whole fiscal responsibility crap is for the birds.


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