The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.


Love’s mom and I were discussing parenthood the other day. Mostly, the terrible disrepair it has fallen into. I know everyone in every generation bemoans how things have gotten so much worse since the last generation, but I really do see some troubling trends.

Now, I am not a mother. I don’t plan on being one for a while. However, I’m an excellent observer and more importantly, I was a child with good parents. I know the difference when I see it and I see how parenting is not something that is “personal” and “none of my business, you stupid bitch”. Yes, you should be allowed to some extent choice in how you govern your child. However, that choice to never yell at Precious Winston should end the moment he tries to slap a stranger or darts in front of a waitress at a restaurant. When your lack of parenting skills, or to be more charitable, when the method you use seems to fail and cause potential harm to someone else, it stops being a family matter and becomes a social issue.

And for the love of all that is holy, do not expect other people to raise your child for you! You had the damn thing and chose to keep it! Do not bitch about how the school shouldn’t allow girls to wear make up, if you don’t approve of your daughter’s eye liner, you do the parenting! It is incredibly frustrating to watch a parent blow up because someone had the audacity to admonish their child for public behavior and then turn around and demand that the government or school or town isn’t doing enough to help kids.

I’m tired of having my desire to raise children squelched because yours is such an awful brat all I can think about is beating the kid. Then you. I’m tired of having an evening out ruined because all I can hear is some kid screaming because he wants an ice cream RIGHT NOW or my mood soured because I just watched the atrocious behavior of some spawn while the parents looked on with indifference or even pride.

Stop making me hate the idea of having children. I can be a good parent. I’ll make mistakes, because who doesn’t and I am beyond flawed. But at least I’ll take responsibility.


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