The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

TMI Thursday

TMI Thursday!! Because I’m original!

I’ve had to pee so much today, the entire office believes I have a bladder infection. No, office, don’t worry. I’m just trying this whole “hydration” thing with the help of a water bottle, a water cooler, and Crystal Light. It’s crap because so far I don’t think I’ve retained any water, in fact I may have lost some.

To be totally honest, I doubt anyone has noticed. I tend to be sneaky about bathroom stuff. Because I’m super weird.

So thanks, Crystal Light, for making everyone think I’m infected. (picture me saying this and then ending with a ridiculous open smile and thumbs up… Stop screaming, Drewface.)

Dammit, now I want a Drewich ™. If you’ve never had the deliciousness, you’ve probably lived in small personal hell and never known it. I’m sorry.

I’m done now.  I promise.


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3 thoughts on “TMI Thursday

  1. intellectualstudio on said:

    I was really not aware I was this awesome, but all things considered, I won’t complain. Haha.

    Drewich at some point or another…y’know, when you actually visit. 😛

  2. Now I want a Drewich.

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