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For Sammy

I was hoping my next post was going to be happy. Then last night happened. No, no, I’m fine, my relationship is fine, and my assorted animals (including a new betta because I need a support program) are fine with the exception of a goldfish that has bubbles. Not as cute as it sounds, also more deadly then it sounds, but he’s being treated.

No, this is a story about a dog. If you’re eating or faint of heart, seriously skip this and come back for the next update.

My friend helps run a rescue organization I support when I can that rescues dogs from high kill shelters down south, puppy mills, and surrenders. Basically if there is a dog no one else will take and he or she needs help, Help Save One is there, breaking the bank to do what they can for that dog. I get my heart broken constantly on Urgents page, but last night I skipped over to the Pawsitive (gag) Causes after the Boyfriend once again denied my plea for one of the Rottweiler/Red Doberman puppies.

That’s where I saw Sammy. Sammy is this big, beautiful, tawny dog, who was a stray that a family was feeding. Then Sammy went missing for two days. When he returned, it looked like someone had taken his eyes and ripped them out, replacing them with smashed plums. Someone had tortured this animal, either beating him so badly around his head that his eyes swelled and popped or they had been punctured. Yet, even with all that damage, he made it back to the house that was feeding him.

I couldn’t help it. I immediately burst into tears seeing the pictures of him. The Boyfriend came back to find me like this and just held me while I explained. Oh god, even now the thought of it is making me a little teary. Who could do that? Why would they do that? I know, I know, there are so many fucked up, awful reasons, but STILL!

Instead of just putting him down like almost anyone would, Help Save One is working with them to give Sammy a better life. His eyes had to be removed, there was nothing really there to save. But he’s alive, he has his nose, and hopefully he will find the love he deserves in a permanent home.

I’m sorry to talk about something so awful, but I couldn’t keep Sammy to myself. I think places like Help Save One are wonderful, something that helps me keep from despairing over humanity that could do something like this to an animal, or anything. For every miserable piece of shit out there, there are more people working to make it better.

They are actively searching for the person or people who hurt Sammy. I want them to die painfully, but I think the Boyfriend has a better wish – he hopes they live painfully, with someone taking their eyes.

Help Save One is an great organization and if you have an extra dollar, or a moment to click a vote button, I highly recommend you do so. All the Sammys deserve a chance. And if you’re looking for a new addition to your life, they’ve also reduced a lot of their adoption fees. The site is here.

Update: I have wonderful news. The foster family that took Sammy in loved him so much they’re adopting him. He’s adjusted really well to not having eyes and is living that happy, loving life he deserves.


Hot Pepper Weekend

Hi there, Face here. OH MY GOD, FLASHBACK!! *ahem* Sorry, I can’t always contain myself. I also don’t try very hard. Is Face still doing Nick Jr.? I promise not to judge you if you know. (That’s almost probably a lie)

So this weekend I picked apples, made an amazing apple crisp, made apple sauce and transported two large, homicidal angel fish across two state lines. They were surprisingly docile and everyone is alive and happy. Fun Fact: When transporting larger fish, a bucket and a garbage bag are the tested and approved form of container. I know, your lives are suddenly so enriched by that knowledge. Oh, and you definitely wish you could taste my apple crisp*.

I also got a hair cut yesterday, which is a little short, but hey, hair grows (and I told her to do it, I’m adventurous) and two people have already given me compliments. Whether they were the sincere type versus the “Sweet Jesus, I have to say something nice!” type I will probably never know.

Oh, and I also got two miniature hot pepper plants that are ADORABLE! I will have to take a picture for you, as I found no good links for them.

We’re also into the house now, which is Full of Happy for the most part. There are still Things that need to be Ironed Out, but for the most part it is a place of joy, carpeting, guinea pig hiding, and glowing fish tanks. That last part alone basically guarantees that Shaba will have to think long and hard before visiting me.

Well, now that I’ve bombarded you with information you couldn’t live without, I’ll let you get back to that other thing you were doing. I also promise that there might be something more interesting up later.

*Probably not a euphemism.


I remember thinking it was just a fun adventure in the beginning. Reilly came and got me around lunch and said something had happened and we had to find out what. That was right up our alley, a mystery during lunch. It was kind of weird that we weren’t allowed on the internet and none of the school televisions were working. Unlike many others, my school had decided we shouldn’t be told.

We knew something was wrong because some of the adults were acting weird and Ms. R wasn’t in her English class. I found out later it’s because she flipped out and had to leave, or be taken somewhere. It was never clear.

So we went to one of my favorite teachers, Sensei, as we called him because we were anime obsessed freshmen. He couldn’t tell us a lot, but he sat us down and told us with tears in his eyes that something really bad happened in New York, that the Two Towers had been attacked and lot of people were hurt and dead.

My stomach dropped. My big sister was in New York. I had no grasp of how the city was set up; I had no fucking clue where the Guggenheim was in relation. Where was my sister? Was she okay? What was happening?

We had to finish out the day and nearly everyone pretended things were normal, at least in my classes, although rumors ran wild. Finally, the last class of the day was canceled and we were called into the auditorium. The principal and vice principal said that something horrible had happened and we needed to go home and be with our family. Being a Catholic school, there was of course prayers and we were released to the buses.

I ran up my steps when I was dropped off and mom met Lil’Sis and me at the door. The first words out of my mouth were questions. “What happened, where is she, is she okay?” Mom was stunned. She had called the school before lunch to let us know that TA was okay. The school hadn’t delivered that message, because they didn’t want to cause panic or some bullshit. Yeah, that worked.

I found out later, always later that my sister had literally walked by there after the first plane hit, thinking it was an office fire because of all the smoke and papers in the air. She got on the subway just as the second plane hit, causing the earth to shake. She called mom as soon as she got to the Guggenheim and knew what happened.

Ms. R? She flipped because had turned on the television to show a movie and saw the news. She lost six friends and had no contact with her brother for over 24 hours.

I have a happier post for later, but I think remembering is important. It keeps events important and real, gives them an impact that they should have. Profiting off it disgusts me, but that’s what happens. Remembering? That needs to happen, because forgetting is too easy.

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