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In Which I Cry and Ingore People Who Tell Me it’s Fine.

Russia’s not coming today. Why? Because there was a giant lack of communication during transport. So starting the third week since he was adopted and he’s not here yet. I was told maybe sometime this week, she’d let me know. The transporter who couldn’t be bothered to call my friend (who was trying to help save 15 dogs) until 11 at night, after contacting me at five, making it too late for him to go.

Forgive me if I’m upset and lack confidence in anything to do with this right now. I’m sorry if I’m totally over reacting. I just want my dog.

I can never adopt a child. If I can’t pull off three weeks and a few disappointments, I’d never survive adopting a human baby.


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3 thoughts on “In Which I Cry and Ingore People Who Tell Me it’s Fine.

  1. 😦 Booooo!

  2. Oh, no. I would be bawling… I’m so sorry!

  3. AlexMac on said:

    Shaba – Damn straight. It is also delaying adorable photos of said puppy.

    Lilu – Thanks. I did bawl. I don’t care if it was ridiculous, I had ramped myself up so much for it and it was such a let down. So I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who react that way. I’ll post pictures when he finally does come.

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