The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Death Day 2009

Yesterday was fun day in which I mean I’m still not sure how I feel about surviving it. I blame a portion of the day on alcohol, but that doesn’t account for an entire day feeling like death or actively praying for death. Or throwing up. I would have been okay with that too. Thanks, blinding headache/migraine/illness! I actually tried to make myself throw up at one point (don’t you love when I tell you things?) but that was no go. Apparently I can only vomit when I don’t want to, not when I’m trying to, no matter how shitty my stomach feels.

Luckily I was cured with the power of snuggles, whining, and probably an overdose level of Excedrin Migraine and Motrin. Mixing medications is fun! Don’t tell the Boyfriend… because he totally never reads this…

I’m not at 100%, but I feel well enough to live and plot the demise of the woman delaying the arrival of my puppy. And I had a good time before the Death took hold (see: alcohol consumption) because my friend Gannon came to visit before leaving for Iraq. It was definitely worth staying up till 230 am on a work night to maximize our hang out time. Love him to pieces.

We also had lunch the Day of Death where my hamburger was so good that even through the illness I was totally overcome by the deliciousness. I will probably dream about it in all honesty. When you come visit me, we’re going to Hillbilly’s and eating. You can try their barbeque if you want, but the burgers are the real treat. Philosopher… we’ll figure something out. They have corn bread and a salad bar?

To top off my day, I confused the hell out of one of my clients because he got my cell phone number and I missed a call from him. When I saw it, I thought it was lady who swears one day she’ll transport our dog, so I called and used my other name, speaking in a friendly rather than professional voice.  Yeah, he’s totally confused and I’ve probably broken him. Whoops.


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