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A Two Part Series About Why My Life Is Awesome Right Now: Part 1

We all know I’m obsessed with fish. To the point where I fully expect to walk into an intervention one day and have to cling to bathroom aquarium* sobbing as my family tells me to kick the habit. Well, I have spread my disease. First, it was to The Boyfriend and his family. They’re pretty fish saturated now, so what to do next? A fish tank for my office! Perfect!

When I asked the office manager if she thought it would be okay, she thought it was such a good idea she wanted me to present the idea of having a waiting room fish tank for the whole office at the next community meeting. Seriously? Awesome, I’ll get right on that!

So I brought it up. I explained that I could do the care and maintenance. Another girl offered to help, we talked about cost and everyone agreed it was a great idea. I was charged with asking the new local pet shop if they’d throw us a discount or something if we put up a sign.

Cue me walking into my new favorite pet store. I stopped to play with the baby guinea pigs (*squeeeeee!* so cute!!) and then got down to business. How would they like to make a deal? Well, they wanted to deal. So I have got a FREE 20 gallon kit set up in the waiting room ready for the FREE fish I’ll be putting in later this afternoon. Oh, and the lovely gravel and decorations? Why I do believe they were discounted for us. BAM! I am so damn happy about this. Everyone loves the aquarium, and they’re so excited for the fish. They want to have a naming contest for the little guys.

I’m so shocked and pleased at how quickly this has all come together. Love it! You’ll get part 2 as soon as I have free time. So probably in another month.




*I don’t have a bathroom aquarium. Yet.


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One thought on “A Two Part Series About Why My Life Is Awesome Right Now: Part 1

  1. Yay for fish!
    That’s so cool.
    I’m glad you’re having a good time at work/home/etc.

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