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Dress Up

This is me. Every time.

See that comic? That’s me every time I see a pretty dress. “Oh my goodness, this dress will change EVERYTHING and I will be BEAUTIFUL!” Then…. I look in the mirror. Dammit.

I’m also the ad exec’s favorite customer. I’m way too gullible. “That lady’s hair is GLORIOUS*! Obviously if I use that shampoo, I too will have glorious hair!”

I bring this up because I am once again forced into dress shopping. I say forced because while I enjoy looking and feeling pretty, dress shopping kind of does the opposite for me. I’m a difficult fit. Pear is not a dressmaker’s favorite design apparently. But, I love my Shaba (and I might actually find a pretty dress!!) so I’m doing my bridesmaid duty and hunting the perfect dress.

And I want this one:

So lovely.

But… mostly I want it because I want to look as poised and elegant as the model. Not gonna happen, I’m thinking.

Oh, and I also need a dress for my sister’s black tie dinner that she’s the executive chef of. No pressure there. So two dresses. And shoes. Yaaay! But craaap. Any good dress shops you guys can suggest?

*Yes, I do occasionally talk in capitals like that. Ask anyone who has been near me for more than a half hour.


Respect Mah Authoritah!

Does anyone else make up ridiculous songs while you’re in the bathroom? No? Just me? Dammit.

Well, Russia graduated Pet Dog 101. YAAAAAAY!!! He’s also the only dog who really played with his graduation Frisbee. He did great, despite having waaay too much energy from spending the last few days in his crate. The Boyfriend hasn’t been able to take him to work and I’ve only been able to sneak home during my lunch hour. He’s enrolled into Pet Dog 102 and we’re just so proud! *sniffle*

This would be a great segue into my latest dog obsession, but unless you actually want to hear me ramble about it, I won’t bore you with it.

Instead I’ll ramble about something totally different.

I have had very little tolerance for sass in the past week or so. At first I thought it was just me being PMSy (that’s my contribution to TMI Thursday, ps) but it has continued on past that. And it’s not me being bitchy, just me being far more likely to shoot someone down for being elitist or completely and wrongly entitled. Which isn’t great, because a good number of my clients feel very entitled. “You need to go to the hospital and get MY pain pills and then drive up and give them to me and then drive me down to Cumby’s so I can get a drink.” Orrrr, you could suck on my left big toe, whatever. (Yeah, somebody actually said that to me. Not even my own client! Needless to say, I did not go get her pain pills.)

Honestly, I think as long as I watch my tone of voice and keep things cheerful and polite while I crush their hopes and dreams, this new attitude might be helpful for them. Far too many of them don’t hear “no” from the mental health workers, and frankly it’s my job to help them live as normal a life as possible. And normal includes being told no and demanding basic respect.

So who thinks I’m going to get fired?

Spring Fever While Hoping for Snow

I did a little link clearing and link adding. Basically, if the link was never updated and not one of my close friends, it went away. Just my version of spring cleaning on the blog. Because… you know… I update every day… and I’m totally not jealous of the DC area and their THREE FEET OF SNOW.

How is it that I’m in Northern New Hampshire (or at least in the damn mountains, The Boyfriend gets all geographical when I say we’re northern) and I’m looking at patches of bare ground and frigging Virginia and Georgia are getting snow? Totally not fair.

In non-weather related news, Russia is hopefully graduating from his first obedience course tonight. I say hopefully not because he’s bad at the commands. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure this dog would learn to drive a car if he knew it would get him food. He’s one of the smartest, if not THE smartest dogs in the class. And that’s not just me being a proud mama, he’s frighteningly smart and stubborn.

However, to get a good number of the points needed to pass the class, you have to teach your dog an extra trick from the list outside of class, such as play dead and some other choices. We lost the paper, so that’s the only one we remember. Now, I mentioned once or twice in the beginning that we needed to teach Russia a special trick. “Oh, it’ll be no big deal.” Fast forward to week six, where we’ve lost the paper with the trick list, Russia doesn’t randomly fall over, so it’s hard to teach him to be dead, and I’m panicking.

It’s all our fault too. For the first two days of “Oh my god, we have to teach this dog!!” we were lazy and I didn’t force the issue. Then the next night I had a migraine that made me contemplate how sweet death really would be. I actually went to bed early.  I didn’t even read!! That says something. Last night? I was really going to try, but during the day, Russia didn’t take well to me trying to force him to roll over and then The Boyfriend did something extremely painful to himself, and frankly, no one was concentrating on dog tricks after that.

Don’t worry, everyone is alive.

*sighs* I really hope we’re not the only losers who failed to teach an extra trick to our dog. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Russia will instantly learn high five?

I’m going to go attempt to pick a new blog design to distract myself.

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