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Parties and Asskicking, a Favorite Combination

For my birthday (two months away, but who doesn’t like thinking about it?) I want plant things. Pretty pots, lovely, lush green things, bulbs, and most importantly, something to put the plants on. My house has a few rooms with lovely light, but nooooothing to put the plants on. I have a few smaller ones on windowsills, three plants are on a sawhorse (we’re high class… and that room isn’t finished yet) and a couple more are scattered about. So I desperately need some elegant plant holders. Or more sawhorses.

In other party related news, I am the worst bridesmaid. I couldn’t even make it to my lovely Shaba’s shower. And it was an amazing shower, the other bridesmaids really stepped up to the plate. It was Alice in Wonderland themed, can you believe that? I’ve seen the pictures, they did an incredible job and Shaba had a wonderful time. I just wish I could have been there.

It came down to a choice between going to my sister’s big dinner bash (She’s the executive chef of her school’s fanciest, most important dinner) and Shaba’s shower. And honestly, the only reason I can go to Lil Sis’s dinner is because my parents are paying for the seats and The Boyfriend and I are bunking at her apartment. I HATE making choices like that. I also hate not having the money to go to both, but that’s totally my fault and is hopefully making me more aware of what I’m doing.

So, my spring resolution is to not miss any more of my Shaba’s wedded bliss fun and preparations, and to save money so I never have to make a choice like that again.

Oh, and to thank my parents because I don’t have to disappoint TWO of my favorites.

In non-party related news (god, I want cake so badly now) please send a lot of big, kind thoughts the Staten Island way, as my Big Sis is going through a week of isolation in the last stage of kicking the hell out of the thyroid cancer that thought it could try and mess with us. Positive side? No more cancer, and she’s radioactive, therefore making a kickass comic book hero. Negative side? A week of isolation. No boyfriend hugs, no kitten snuggles, no real interaction which is something she thrives on.

So if you’ve got a spare thought, toss it her way with an air hug. She’d definitely appreciate it.


To Make Up For the Post Below

This is to take your mind off the depressing post below.

Look into these eyes!!!

Not a Good Day…

Today actually started out fairly well… I even got to go to lunch with The Boyfriend at one of our favorite restaurants where a friend of his works.

Sadly, after lunch things kind of went downhill. Every Tuesday I take a few clients to volunteer at the local animal shelter. It works out perfectly because they get to feel good about helping, the shelter gets the help they desperately need, and I get to hang out with cats and dogs for at least an hour! Today only one client was able to go and when we showed up, the shelter was closed for a training. This particular client suffers from pretty severe depression, so I suggested we go to a shelter not too much farther away in Maine so she’d still get her animal fix.

On the way home a squirrel shot out in front of my car. Maybe if it hadn’t been raining or if I’d been going a little slower, I would have been able to avoid it. Definitely did not. If I had been alone, I would have immediately burst into tears and probably screamed a little. Due of the client, I had to at least pretend to be kind of calm. At least not a total wreck.

The poor little guy was still moving and we were actually right outside my vet’s office, so I found something flat to scoop him up and we took him in. He didn’t make it, but at least I tried.

Sooo… that sucked. A lot. Sorry to be depressing.


I’m a in a rut, kids. I don’t have a ton of time to make delicious things, and I’m trying to eat healthier and save money. Sadly, most of the lovely cooking sites I gather recipes from are time consuming, full of expensive ingredients, or… the most damming of all… full of things that The Boyfriend won’t eat.

I should probably add that he’s strangely picky. Most herbs? Hates them. I tend to cook mostly with herbs. Pasta? Should only be served with red sauce in his mind. I, on the other hand, adore cream sauces, herbed sauces, wine sauces, any sauce for the most part. I also enjoy my pasta with just Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper. It is very sad.

I tend to think about what I’m going to have for dinner while I’m eating breakfast, occasionally even days in advance. Not The Boyfriend. It makes planning kinda difficult.

We have some tasty staples, and are open to trying things (wink wink) but I want us to be healthier and more prepared when it comes to eating. So, internet loves of mine, any suggestions?

Pet Peeves

I may have used that title before… obviously I’m too lazy to check.

Let’s go over a few of my faaaaaavorite pet peeves.. Okay, let’s go over one of them. Lying. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly Princess Truthful every day. Certain lies are necessary, such as whether or not a hair cut looks nice (until they tell you they’re getting it again, then it is your duty as a friend to say at least something) or if that new puppy is adorable.

HOWEVER…. nothing bothers me more then a lie directly to the face that is just plain bad. Two recent examples are perfect. Yesterday, I got a call from a client asking me to pick him up from the hospital as he hadn’t heard from his friend. I had time, so I told him I’d be right there and ran up to tell the receptionist where I was going.  Halfway there, I get a frantic call from the receptionist saying that the client had called back and was already gone from the hospital. This was annoying, but not uncommon. Shockingly, despite being mostly dependent on our services and how far out of the way (and job description) we go for them, most of our clients are neither grateful or careful with appointments. And I got Twizzlers out of it, so I got over my annoyance.

Then this afternoon, said client drops off a note blaming the mix up on the receptionists sending his calls to the wrong extension. LIE! FUCKING LIE!! I talked to her right before I left!  I showed the receptionist and she is piiiiissed.  I do not envy that client when he shows his face next.

Next new favorite lie? Mentioned to a friend that a website page hadn’t been updated in awhile. Not a huge deal, people get busy. I guess my friend mentioned this to the person who is suppose to be updating (my friend doesn’t have internet right now) and the person told her that the page was updated daily. SERIOUSLY?! Ugh… obviously I’m looking at a totally different page. That would be a great excuse, except the entire website will go days without change, which makes the whole “updated daily” thing still bullshit.

Soo… that’s kind of my rant for the day. I’m still kind of working out the whole “I get too angry or annoyed by things” issue I’m having.

In other news, I still don’t have a dress for my sister’s dinner or Shaba’s wedding. I did go shopping though!

Bunnies and Butterflies!

Oh my god, y’all, I just found the most beautiful thing in the world!! I have to share. And I have to give credit. My beloved friend X pointed me in the direction of the first site which led to the WONDERFUL discovery of the second site.

Wanna see ‘em? YOU DO! TRUST ME!

Okay, the first one is Daily Bunny. I know, it just makes you squee with sheer joy doesn’t it? Kaylee, Lieutenant Bun Bun, is sooo going up there. (Yes, my rabbit has a military title. Why doesn’t yours? Even Nora has one. She’s Captain of the ‘Fraidy Pigs)

The other bit of sheer joy is Daily Otter. Strikingly similar to Daily Bunny, BUT WITH OTTERS!!! I ❤ otters so much, it’s probably a little unhealthy. But you’ll put up with it because you love me. And you love otters too and you freakin’ know it!

Now that I’m done with that little side trip into insanity, I have… nothing really to write about.  I bought some very classy “Wall Accents” of butterflies with nifty patterns in shades of blue and I have decorated my office with them. And by decorated I mean covered up the shittiest parts of the walls. I need about fifty more butterflies. But, they go really well with the color scheme in here and they’re fun. I’ve already gotten compliments. I highly recommend getting some “Wall Accents” because they weren’t too expensive, you can remove and restick them and it’s a fun, fresh way to liven up a room in a few minutes. I got mine from a charming store called “Francesca’s Collections” and the butterflies are from Once Upon a Wall. I chose Blue Boho Butterflies if you really care. You don’t, but we’ll pretend.

Dude, I think that’s enough links from me today. Good lord.

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