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Grab a thread and tug.

Bunnies and Butterflies!

Oh my god, y’all, I just found the most beautiful thing in the world!! I have to share. And I have to give credit. My beloved friend X pointed me in the direction of the first site which led to the WONDERFUL discovery of the second site.

Wanna see ‘em? YOU DO! TRUST ME!

Okay, the first one is Daily Bunny. I know, it just makes you squee with sheer joy doesn’t it? Kaylee, Lieutenant Bun Bun, is sooo going up there. (Yes, my rabbit has a military title. Why doesn’t yours? Even Nora has one. She’s Captain of the ‘Fraidy Pigs)

The other bit of sheer joy is Daily Otter. Strikingly similar to Daily Bunny, BUT WITH OTTERS!!! I ❤ otters so much, it’s probably a little unhealthy. But you’ll put up with it because you love me. And you love otters too and you freakin’ know it!

Now that I’m done with that little side trip into insanity, I have… nothing really to write about.  I bought some very classy “Wall Accents” of butterflies with nifty patterns in shades of blue and I have decorated my office with them. And by decorated I mean covered up the shittiest parts of the walls. I need about fifty more butterflies. But, they go really well with the color scheme in here and they’re fun. I’ve already gotten compliments. I highly recommend getting some “Wall Accents” because they weren’t too expensive, you can remove and restick them and it’s a fun, fresh way to liven up a room in a few minutes. I got mine from a charming store called “Francesca’s Collections” and the butterflies are from Once Upon a Wall. I chose Blue Boho Butterflies if you really care. You don’t, but we’ll pretend.

Dude, I think that’s enough links from me today. Good lord.


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2 thoughts on “Bunnies and Butterflies!

  1. superalzy on said:

    Awesome! Sending the Daily Bunny to one of my best friends now. She loves bunnies. Thanks!

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