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It’s the Little Things

It’s interesting how attached we get to little things. My sweet, adorable, darling, giant of a puppy ate my phone Monday night. Okay, so he didn’t swallow anything (I hope) but he certainly destroyed the hell out of it. The front keyboard was ripped out, any thing remotely moveable was permanently removed, the casing was cracked and pulled apart, and there were really deep tooth marks in the rest of it. Miraculously, the phone still turned on and could probably have functioned as a phone… if I wanted to punch numbers with a toothpick and desired the Most Ghetto Phone of All.

He also broke the microSD card. Yeah, the one stuffed INSIDE the phone. Snapped it in half with the power of his monster jaws. I think he’s part Lab, part shark. This means that a good 200 pictures are gone. Forever. Most of them were just silly things, but some were precious. The gray cat in the PA ASPCA shelter I loved at first sight and never saw again. Some photos of Kaylee, my rabbit and Nora, my guinea pig. Fun photos my friends sent me. X’s ultrasound and pregnant belly photos. (Although I have a sneaking suspicion that I can get those again) Tanner the foster dog with his awesome Laser Eyes photo and Peggy the soon to be foster dog giving birth to her soon to be foster puppies.

I have all the memories, so it’s silly to be so upset that they’re gone. The Boyfriend can replace some of them, so there is that. It was just surprising to me how much of a gut punch to realize that all of those were lost.

I’m curious, is there something you’re really attached to that you think is probably trivial in the big picture, but you would grieve if you lost?


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One thought on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Xandra on said:

    I would be upset if I lost all my phone pictures too. Lots of the Kitteh being cute and moments of husband being an adorable retard. Like the one where he’s eating a donut and has powder ALL over his mouth, or is using a lemon peel as a mustache.

    Another thing would be my wedding ring. It’s just a ring, right? Not the love itself but just a simple symbol. But I would be devastated if I lost it – which is why I never ever take it off.

    And my 22 year collection of books, of course. Can’t really think of anything else… hmm. Sorry you lost all your phone pics.. I’ll send you the ultrasound and a new pic of my expanding stomach! 😀

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