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May, Muffins, and More M Words

Oh. Hello, May. You came along rather suddenly. Not that I mind. You happen to be one of my favorite months. Why, yes, it IS because my birthday happens in May. You’re such a clever, intelligent, and attractive month. Just like everyone born in you.

Except for you, Jeffery Dahmer.

So the past week was interesting weather-wise. It snowed Monday and Tuesday and then by Saturday and Sunday it was so damn hot that when I was walking the dogs, I was sweating, Gross sticky humidity on Sunday. But good lord, am I enjoying the warmth. I adore seasons and right now I am so ready for the warmth of Spring/Summer.

I also bought two adorable chubby calico goldfish for my office. They are Alfred and Moe and they definitely brighten up the place and make me all sorts of cheerful.

In other news… I got nothing. I did recently discover that Paula Dean is making a cake mix and sweet LORD is it good. Mmmm, so fluffy. I also bought her blueberry muffin mix and will be trying that soon. There are few things that can make a morning better than fresh baked blueberry muffins for breakfast.


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4 thoughts on “May, Muffins, and More M Words

  1. Paula Dean is almost as annoying as Rachael Ray… but her food is 4,000 times as good. So she totally gets a pass.

    Nom nom nom.

    • AlexMac on said:

      I don’t watch her show for that reason, but loooooord this mix. So worth it. And at Walgreen’s of all places!

      I also signed up for the Rachel Ray magazine because she has good recipes too sometimes (this way I don’t have to listen to her) and I got a great discount… but it was almost as if they were taunting me because they called it a “delish discount”. NO! GODDAMMIT, NO!

  2. Happy birthday in advance!

    And just to be clear, I’m talking to you. Not Jeffrey Dahmer. But he’s dead, so he can’t have birthdays. Which means May is all about YOU, as the Lord intended. Even though I’m an atheist. But if I believed in the Lord … well, you know.

    • AlexMac on said:

      Ol’ Jeff and I actually share a birthday. Or did, before he got all dead and stuff. Although people still celebrate Jesus’s birthday and he’s dead, right? I’m confused. Either way, I don’t want to share my glorious day with some bone chewing, attempted zombie love-slave maker. So I’m with you, we’re not celebrating his birthday.

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