The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Car Peeves

Okay, people, when you are riding in someone else’s car, do you fiddle with their radio? Their air conditioning settings? The change they have in their dash?

No. You fucking don’t.

Okay, maybe you do, and if you do, I apologize, but I’m probably going to have to stab you at some point. Ask my Lil’Sis.

I fully understand that my intense dislike of people toying with settings in my car probably stems from my… well, flaw*. I’m possessive. Don’t touch my shit without asking, and even then… we’ll talk. If I like you. Maybe.

So take this rather healthy trait of mine and add people riding in my car. Mentally ill people who have a tendency to fidget and touch things and no idea of basic niceties of public interaction**. They adjust my settings CONSTANTLY and I’m supposed to be the mature, model-like person, so slapping their hands would probably get me fired. So instead I just sit there and fume.

I even tell them “If it’s too hot or cold, let me know, we can put a window down or mess with the heating.” It’s not like I’m never going to let them do anything. They can adjust their seat however they want! But when my radio is on, don’t change the channel, and if it’s off… leave it that way. Just. Ask.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest before I drove into oncoming traffic, screaming at my terrified passenger for turning the air conditioner on.

Which one of us is the mentally ill person again?

*Flaw? As in single? I only have one? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
** Some of them. For some things. I generalize. Shut up.


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