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I think my next animal is going to have a ridiculous, yet adorable name. I think readers would enjoy hearing silly stories about my animals if they came with a name that made one go “Good god, I would NEVER name my precious pet that!” but secretly they are giggling because the name is fun to say.

Wouldn’t you enjoy hearing about Russia more if his name was actually Mr. Mittens? Or Captain Counter Surfer? Or Pickles? I have to admit… I have a strange desire to give my animals titles, such as Mr. or Sir. I also want to name one of them Pickles, but I don’t want them to be embarrassed.

And I have found the perfect animal to do this to. Practically any name I give her will be better than what she got stuck with. Meet Precious:

She's so cute!

Precious the Calico Who Can't Get Over Her Cold

If I end up adopting Precious when we’re ready for a cat, I am changing that name as fast as possible. She doesn’t really respond to it, so I don’t think it will be an issue for her. But what ridiculously adorable name should I call her? Lady Pickles doesn’t seem quite right…



I am alive. And surprisingly busy. Besides the usual hectic antics at work, I have attended and participated in the wedding of the ever lovely Shaba to her ever lovely Boy. It was amazing and tear jerking and just so beautiful. I hope to write a better post about it soon.

I also attended the baby shower of my beautiful X and her husband. It was wonderful to see her because she’s normally in North Carolina and I’m… I’m way up here in New Hampshire. I love her, though, and she looks amazing pregnant. I even felt the little one kick!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Oh, and random Pro Tip for all those letter writers out there: If you want someone to start writing to you again, try not sending them a card with a cheerful puppy on the front and nothing but misery and how much of a failure you are on the inside. A little cheerfulness, even forced, can go a looooong way.

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