The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.


I am alive. And surprisingly busy. Besides the usual hectic antics at work, I have attended and participated in the wedding of the ever lovely Shaba to her ever lovely Boy. It was amazing and tear jerking and just so beautiful. I hope to write a better post about it soon.

I also attended the baby shower of my beautiful X and her husband. It was wonderful to see her because she’s normally in North Carolina and I’m… I’m way up here in New Hampshire. I love her, though, and she looks amazing pregnant. I even felt the little one kick!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Oh, and random Pro Tip for all those letter writers out there: If you want someone to start writing to you again, try not sending them a card with a cheerful puppy on the front and nothing but misery and how much of a failure you are on the inside. A little cheerfulness, even forced, can go a looooong way.


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2 thoughts on “Alive!

  1. My Carolina girl is pregnant too!!! Love it 🙂

    • AlexMac on said:

      I can’t wait to meet the little girl! But I’m still kind of weirded out that my friends are married and pregnant and stuff.

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