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Bunny Battle

So last night I got in a fight with my bunny. Well, not really a fight so much as I got ambushed. Either way, my face lost.

As I was taking her back to her cage after letting her run about the living room, she decided she’d rather not and FLIPPED, leaping from my arms and using my face as a spring board to freedom. So now I’m sporting a very attractive gouge from my forehead to the middle of my left check and two bloody pockmarks under my left eye. Sexy, yes? This will be fun to explain to my clients.

I also have to call the vet because as The Boyfriend was petting her last night, he pulled a giant clump of fur off her back. Now she has a very smooth, nickel sized bald spot when your ruffle her fur. She is acting fine, there are no marks on her, and it’s probably just from the stress of the After Attack Capture, but my paranoia and I will be calling the vet just to make sure I didn’t break my bunny.


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3 thoughts on “Bunny Battle

  1. Xandra on said:

    The fur coming out thing is creepy… the Kitteh has little weird bald spots on his hind legs from… sitting, we think? lol

    • AlexMac on said:

      It is creepy. It also showed how thick her fur is, since I could practically knit a mitten from what he pulled. That’s why I’m calling the vet.

      Russia still has some bald spots from The Mange, but it’s summer so his fur is growing in slowly. You haven’t seen the Kitteh pulling his fur or rubbing that area have you? Sometimes the furry ones get hot spots. If it was just from sitting, I would have to giggle a little.

      • Xandra on said:

        Knit a mitten… lmao!

        Nope, he doesn’t lick, pull or itch those spots. Pretty sure they’re just from sitting and/or running on carpet constantly. Hehe.

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