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Plants, Dentists, and Money

I am lacking a sense of freshness in my life. Yes, I bought Febreze, but that’s not really what I mean.

Also, why is that when I have no money, my urge to spend it is the strongest? Is this true for anyone else? I want new clothes that fit properly (I also want to fit into smaller sizes, but money doesn’t buy that… at least not without some SERIOUS cash and some lasers) and new boots and cute shoes to wear to work. I want new glasses that aren’t five years old and peeling at the frames.

I’d also like to go to the dentist, but I don’t really think that fits into the whole splurging on myself thing. Maybe it does. Especially if I finally go big and get those stains the damn orthodontist left there. Never trust a Dr. Slick. Especially one who dies suddenly in Mexico. True story, folks.

In other news, I learned that while my obsession with plants is good for purifying the oxygen in the house, it’s probably better to learn what the plants like and not just hope that your living room has the right amount of light. Also, my dogs like the dirt I bought. That’s half the reason my poor living room palm died. They kept eating the dirt and exposing the roots. They also spread the dirt all over the living room carpet. Brilliant.  The other reason it died is because in an attempt to save it, I over watered it. I mean badly. Friends, if you have a pot that doesn’t drain, I highly recommend checking under the decorative rocks you placed there to keep the damn dogs from eating the dirt to see if it actually needs watering. Seriously, when I put the new palm (which wants the kind of light the living room gives it, yay) in the pot, I was dealing with mud. I had that pot tipped over and draining a constant stream of water for at least five minutes. Probably more.

That’s my story. For now.


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