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Okay, Now I’m Ready For It

I’m sitting here in a sweater that feels like a large kitten is hugging me, drinking pumpkin flavored coffee. The day is gray and drizzly and I am just the right temperature. I am so ready for this!

Honestly, I was probably two weeks behind everyone I know when it came to fall weather. I hadn’t gone swimming yet, I hadn’t done a lot of my customary summery things. I was holding on pretty hard. Luckily, the weather agreed with me and I managed to pack a lot of summer in right at the end.

Now I’m ready for soups*, boots, cute sweaters, pumpkins, apples, and changing leaves. Oh, and HALLOWEEN!!! One of my favorite of favorite holidays. Always has been. It fills me with glee. Even better? The Boyfriend feels similarly. He’s far less likely to dress up, but this morning he looked at me and said “There aren’t any holidays** between now and Halloween. I think we should start getting things out. Like the pumpkin spice candles!” Then his heart was broken because I informed him that while we did have those candles, they were in the storage room. In the back. Behind everything we stuck up there. Oops.

Oh, and I made a totally kick ass beef and vegetable soup for dinner last night. I made it with all local vegetables annnnd I made the recipe up myself! It was declared a success. Obviously there are some minor changes (like more corn, less potatoes, and a low sodium broth) but I’m pleased.

What are you looking forward to this fall season?

*Let’s be honest… every season is soup season for me. I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees out there. I will probably still eat soup.

**Columbus Day doesn’t count because you don’t decorate for it and I don’t even like it. I call it Leif Erikson Day. Or Explorer Day. Yes, I was totally that annoying kid in your Social Studies clas.


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2 thoughts on “Okay, Now I’m Ready For It

  1. Xandra on said:

    Wearing my real clothes again once I pop the baby out, bundling baby up and holding her against me to keep us warm outside, wearing my tights/dresses/boots combo, pumpkins, holiday scented candles (our are from which I highly recommend), cranberries, making the holidays special for my amazing little family, hot chocolate when it’s not 100 degrees out, cozy sweaters, cuddling under the blankets with my love, I could probably go on and on and on… 🙂

  2. Boots and soup and scarves and cider and HOLIDAYS, oh my!!! I’m in total lust with Fall. 🙂

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