The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Halloween Hobbies

Oh, the joy of October! I have corn stalks by my door, a giant rusty orange mum to greet people as they walk up my porch steps, and a dishwasher.

Okay, that part is kind of embarrassing, but we just haven’t gotten it to the dump yet. We have a shiny new dishwasher inside that makes me all kinds of happy because it wasn’t made the same year I was born and OH YEAH! it actually gets the dishes clean!

However, inside we have decorations from our countdown to Halloween calendar, bowls, gourds, window stickies, silver pumpkins, our beloved owl lantern, and pumpkin lights that throw Jack-O-Lantern faces on the wall. I love it! Pumpkin and cider candles scent our house in the evenings (also great for getting rid of dinner smells).

Sadly, there is one thing missing from the house. My bat lights! Last year I found a string of lights in the shape of bats. Because I’m four at heart, I absolutely adored these lights. I kept them up until nearly Christmas. Now, they are no where to be found. And I can’t find any more at the stores. Cue the heart break.

I love having a place to decorate, even when some of the stuff is a little silly. It’s such a nice feeling. I have even been experiencing urges to rake up leaves in the yard. If my parents knew, they would die of shock. You had to threaten me when I was younger to do yardwork.

Any one having odd urges to do things around your places that your parents had to beg you to do before?


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