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I’m starting the year with a fairly new haircut, fresh color (if I do it tomorrow morning), and hopefully clean fish tanks. Or at least the tanks that really need it.

What I would like to do is rip everything out of the pantries and throw away all the things I’ll never use even though I pretend I will. Then I want to organize things. Sadly, this will not be occurring. I just know it. Maybe it will happen in the new year. No, it WILL happen in the New Year.

I recently heard (from a reliable source) about a study on intention. Apparently they hooked up some plants so they could read the energy of the plants, much like they do with tests on humans. Then they traumatized one of the plants with fire. The energy of all the plants, not just the traumatized one, was affected. Then they waited until the plant had healed and brought the fire back. They didn’t touch the plant, just had the fire near it. Once again, all of the plants in the room had their energy change. It was fascinating how one plant’s experience affected the entire room of plants. The next step was the intention to bring the fire back and traumatize the plant again. The researchers didn’t bring any fire in the room, they just stared at the plant and thought “I’m going to burn you.” That plant’s energy changed once again. Just from a thought.

It’s amazing to me how powerful thoughts are. I watch it all the time in the people around me and in myself. One thought can cause such a chain reaction.

I almost never make resolutions for the new year. I think it’s a silly tradition that’s fine for anyone who wants to make them, it just isn’t for me. I feel that if I’m going to do something, I’ll just do it. I don’t need to make a big deal of it just because of a new year. However, this year I will resolve to be more careful with my thoughts.

Think Beautifully.


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