The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Birthday Crush

My little sister’s birthday is tomorrow. I have a gift for her, but apparently getting it in the mail in a timely fashion was just a little too much adulthood for me. You’d think the fact the gift is smiling cupcake key decorators would have taken care of lingering irresponsibility. But no. My sister’s gift will be late. She may not get a card. Although I really want her to get a card.

In other news, I feel this urge to decorate, both myself and the apartment, but I have run into a serious issue. While I have wonderful ideas in my head, I am terrible at implementing them. It’s kind of sad, really. I’m like a really enthusiastic four year old. All of the imagination, none of the fine motor skills.

I did buy some wall decals for my bedroom (classy ones, not toy cars, don’t worry) and I’m thinking of putting a clock in the living room. But otherwise I just stare and think “Crap… what should I put there?”

I’ll end this hodgepodge of a post by saying that I have a crush. It feels really nice to have those warm tingly feelings again and those little fantasies. I hope it becomes more than a crush, but I have to say hi to the guy for that to happen, don’t I?


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