The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Blehh… sunshine and happiness hurt.

So I am in day two of the first migraine in awhile. I’m also
knee deep in day two of brilliant, gorgeous sunlight. Of course the world
decides to explode in lighted glory right as I become massively light
sensitive. The good news is I haven’t thrown up. Yet. Aren’t you glad you’re

In the dating world, nothing has really improved. There are
definitely some nice guys out there, but honestly, when I get a message saying
that “Clitpleaser86” wants to meet me, I don’t get that excited. At least he’s
up front about what he thinks he can offer a woman. I’ll give people like him
that much. I’m definitely still having fun, so there’s that. I just can’t help
laughing at some of the stuff people think is a good idea to put out there.

I will be more exciting after this headache dies its painful
death. Unless it takes me with it. Then the funeral will be exciting.



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2 thoughts on “Blehh… sunshine and happiness hurt.

  1. A.,

    honestly…”clitpleaser”??? Normally those guys are a “hit it and forget it” kinda guy… you sound deep…deep enough that you deserve more than someone superficial enough to name himself like that… most guys that have to think they need to name themselves something like that are trying harder than they ever should…

    With someone that shows as much promise as you do, I would hope you’ll spend sometime in the realm of a romantic who could bring more of you to the surface…

    Oh BTW, i hope the migrane works out quick!


    • T.,

      Haha, no worries, I’m not going to bother with someone like “clitpleaser”. It’s definitely not what I’m looking for. Have no fears there.

      Thanks for thinking I show promise and that I deserve a romantic. I think I do to. 🙂

      The migraine stopped that day, but the next day I got a massive stress headache. All better now, though!


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