The Red Threads That Tie Us…

Grab a thread and tug.

Burst the Bubble

Would you rather know the details of something that was
awful and had the potential to deeply disturb you and stay with you or would
you rather be blissfully unaware?

I ask this because often I will learn of something that is
so awful I feel I have to share, but I know most people don’t want to hear
about it. Part of me can’t blame them. I’m the kind of person who has scenes
and phrases that will replay in my mind for years and years. It’s not nice to
have that kind of thing in your head. It’s not comfortable.

Joe used to ask why I would look at articles of animal abuse
or get involved in trying to save animals on the euthsinia list if it made me
cry. He couldn’t understand why anyone would continue to do something that
clearly upset them.

But if everyone looks away, ignores what is happening, then
who steps up? Who says “This isn’t right, there has to be another way. There
has to be a way to stop this from happening.”? I understand the idea of staying
in that comfortable bubble. I get why people want to leave things alone.

But I can’t always be that person. What do you do? It’s okay
to be in that bubble… you have to be able to work on yourself before you work
on the world. I’m just curious how people see themselves.


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2 thoughts on “Burst the Bubble

  1. This is the question I struggled with before posting “Use-your-words Wednesday” last week. I thought, “This is not the kind of thing people will leave my blog smiling about, and isn’t that what I’m here for?”

    But as long as those images rolled through my brain, I felt trapped and overwhelmed by them. Writing it helped me find what it was I hoped to accomplish by sharing, which was underscoring the importance of seeing that we each have power to make someone else’s life better–or, in some horrible circumstances, make their life simply continue.

    I’m glad I posted it. I think it’s important to occasionally let others see these darknesses in our hearts and hope that, in so doing, there’s good that will come from it in the future.

  2. AlexMac on said:

    I’m glad you posted it too. Too often people gloss over the scary and nasty parts of our lives. We want to make people feel good and be happy. That’s admirable. That’s something to strive for. But, we also need to be honest with the other side of humanity. If we’re not, how will we ever change it?

    It’s comforting to see that even two years later, the community, the villiage, hasn’t forgotten that little boy.

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