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Plants Plants Plants Plants

I have an obsession with plants. I’ve mentioned it a few times and it even has its own little blog tag. Awww, adorable. I characterize it as an obsession because I am constantly dramatic in my speech and because I find myself purchasing new plants or repotting current plants as a way to boost my mood. That and it’s very hard for me to pass by the Garden section of any store I’m in without trying to rationalize a purchase.

You would expect, then, that my apartment would be filled to the point of looking like a greenhouse or an episode of Hoarders. It doesn’t. My roommate may not completely agree, but every plant has a place and there isn’t a lot of crowding. Sure, it gets a little tight when cold weather dictates that I bring in my outside plants, but I’ve stuck those in the Fuzzies’ room where my roommate doesn’t have to trip over them. And it was a struggle to find new places when we decided to use a plant stand to hold up our cute little Christmas tree.

This is on my mind currently because I’ve moved to a different office and I now have a little more room. Instantly my mind was trying to decide between plants and a fish tank. I’m going with plants because, hey, let’s face it… I need another fish tank to take care of like I need another hang nail. I have plenty (of both currently) and it hurts when I don’t take proper care of them. (Hah, a complete metaphor, go me!)

I think plants make a room come alive and they can make such a lovely impression. I love all the different kinds and finding the perfect spot and perfect pot pleases me so much. When I have to repot them it’s a moment of triumph for me because I did such a good job taking care of the little guy, he’s grown enough to need a bigger space.

So basically, this post is just an excuse for me to talk about plants before I go out and buy that nifty tropical with the pink leaves to put in that corner riiiiight over there. Perfect. File this post under WTF: Random.


Doom, Snow, and Santa

So apparently I doomed myself when I put up the “My life is awesome” post. My week old pleco died, work sucked, work sucked, felt like I wasn’t doing enough at home, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and my friend’s pit bull was shot and had to be put down. I’m so furious about it. In an attempt not to piss off the Fates again I’ll just tell you that my Thanksgiving was wonderful and Russia did pretty damn well for puppy surrounded by new things, new people, and FOOD!

This weekend Russia got to know the delight that is snow. Again, he proved that he’s definitely a member of the family because he loved it as much as the Boyfriend and I do. He also got his photo with Santa because I am obviously that crazy lady. It was also for a good cause!! All the proceeds went to the local Humane Society.

Unfortunately, while we were there, Russia got his nose ripped open by another dog. I’m having trouble being too upset at the dog because she was obviously terrified by all the activity, Russia thinks growling is apparently a come on, and she pooped on Santa. Yeah, you read that right. Thankfully, it was all cleaned up by the time we got there.

I hadn’t even realized Russia had been hurt, he acted fine! I saw some blood on the floor and even said “Oh, some dog is hurt, poor baby. I’m glad it’s not Russia!” Then the lady next to me pointed out his ripped up nose. It was swiftly taken care of with lots of kisses from me and the surrounding people, and the staff at the pet store got right on the blood and put some numbing powder on him. All better! He even tried to approach the dog who did it later. Flat learning curve there…

In non-doggie news, I can NOT believe how fast Christmas is sneaking up on me. I only have one present bought, dammit! I have one Christmas tree scented candle and candles for the windows. That’s it besides this cute sleigh decoration the Boyfriend’s mom got us. And my stuff was all bought yesterday. I’m sort of failing at this. But! Lights will be up and there will be jolliness around my house even if I have to kill someone. I doubt it will come to that.

What do you guys have up to make your holiday pretty and bright? Or are you in the same boat I am?

Hello, 2009

Those stories I told you I had? I lied. I just like to draw you in. Actually, I do have stories, but they’re the kind of stories your doddering old grandaunt tries to tell the fruit bowl since everyone else has quietly snuck away to get drunk and throw wrapping paper in the fire.

I don’t have any aunts like that.

Regardless, I don’t remember what those stories were, or why I thought you’d be interested… oh, yeah. Dryers.

ANYWAY! I’m writing to you on a brand new, extremely shiny laptop. Which is amazing because my other laptop has been dying for the past two years. For the first time in about a year, I have sound. Think about that… every time someone sent a link, you saw an interesting news link that turned out to be a video… TOO BAD! Excuse me while I roll around on the ground in joy. Also, this laptop has tons of memory, stays up when I tilt it up, and isn’t broken as all hell. YAY!

I’m also back from a lovely weekend that was a perfect end to the true holiday festivities. I visited the Boyfriend and had an amazing time. Full of snuggles, truly lovely presents, and his family which I enjoy immensely (thank god).

I also had a pretty good time at a post-Christmas party. I still have the bruises, actually. It was a lot of fun with some great high school buddies (the ones I still like, with one awkward dude who felt you should do shots of cognac… cognac! You sip that, ass, not chug it.) Well, I may have had a bit too much of a good time and me being me… ended up in the dryer. Why? Because someone said I couldn’t fit into it. And trust me, I can. So that was fun. Ran around with my X* and Shellington and generally had a good time and was grateful my little sister was there to drive me home. Not so glad she got to see me get in the dryer.

In my defense… I’ve climbed into dryers stone cold sober. I’m not sure what that’s defending other than my insanity, but whatever. I fit, so why not?

And now I find myself in a new year. Unlike my dear roommate Shaba, I like odd years. Well, I’m not sure about that, but I’m having some pretty good thoughts of this one. Usually I have a hard time switching gears into a new year. I feel like I’m ready for this one and I think the first time I try to write 09, it will be a success.

I’m hoping this year is kind to you as much as I’m hoping it’s kind to me too. Or at the very least, story-worthy.

* X is not an ex, she’s one of my most beloved friends. Just to clear that up.


Sorry I’ve been ignoring you. I swear it’s not because I’m cheating. I’ve been baking cookies, cleaning house and greeting my returning sibilings, my younger Saturday night, and older sister with boyfriend tonight. Then Christmas tree getting Sunday morning (which was blog worthy… give me a second) and now decorating cookies and whatnot.

We woke up very early to get the tree this year because it was suppose to rain around 10. So we went at like 9. As we passed a highway flower shop, one I know as a cute little thing, I noticed something was amiss. Namely the giant orange flames that were shooting out of it. We called 911 and almost immediately heard sirens. Luckily, no one but the poor plants and the building was hurt, everyone made it out.

Then we got the tree, with massive amounts of snow coming down on us. Great tree though. And it was a fun experience. Coming back, the fire was out, which made me very happy. Boyfriend is a firefighter, so I know some terms and that building was fully involved. Huge amounts of rescue vehicles responded to this. (Although Boyfriend tells me the number was fairly normal for a structure fire) The fire made me slightly (very slightly) anxious, bringing back memories I hadn’t realized still bothered me. (I was in a house fire not long ago, poor Shaba’s house) Then later that night I saw a news report about a 7 year old boy who died in a house fire that day. So bad day for memories and fires.

I’m still totally mesmerized by flames though. I just wish the anxiousness would go away.

However, tonight we decorate the tree, the immediate family will all be here, and my cookies are delicious. I would have pictures, but I can’t find my camera cord. I’ll fix that.

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