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Plants Plants Plants Plants

I have an obsession with plants. I’ve mentioned it a few times and it even has its own little blog tag. Awww, adorable. I characterize it as an obsession because I am constantly dramatic in my speech and because I find myself purchasing new plants or repotting current plants as a way to boost my mood. That and it’s very hard for me to pass by the Garden section of any store I’m in without trying to rationalize a purchase.

You would expect, then, that my apartment would be filled to the point of looking like a greenhouse or an episode of Hoarders. It doesn’t. My roommate may not completely agree, but every plant has a place and there isn’t a lot of crowding. Sure, it gets a little tight when cold weather dictates that I bring in my outside plants, but I’ve stuck those in the Fuzzies’ room where my roommate doesn’t have to trip over them. And it was a struggle to find new places when we decided to use a plant stand to hold up our cute little Christmas tree.

This is on my mind currently because I’ve moved to a different office and I now have a little more room. Instantly my mind was trying to decide between plants and a fish tank. I’m going with plants because, hey, let’s face it… I need another fish tank to take care of like I need another hang nail. I have plenty (of both currently) and it hurts when I don’t take proper care of them. (Hah, a complete metaphor, go me!)

I think plants make a room come alive and they can make such a lovely impression. I love all the different kinds and finding the perfect spot and perfect pot pleases me so much. When I have to repot them it’s a moment of triumph for me because I did such a good job taking care of the little guy, he’s grown enough to need a bigger space.

So basically, this post is just an excuse for me to talk about plants before I go out and buy that nifty tropical with the pink leaves to put in that corner riiiiight over there. Perfect. File this post under WTF: Random.



I’m starting the year with a fairly new haircut, fresh color (if I do it tomorrow morning), and hopefully clean fish tanks. Or at least the tanks that really need it.

What I would like to do is rip everything out of the pantries and throw away all the things I’ll never use even though I pretend I will. Then I want to organize things. Sadly, this will not be occurring. I just know it. Maybe it will happen in the new year. No, it WILL happen in the New Year.

I recently heard (from a reliable source) about a study on intention. Apparently they hooked up some plants so they could read the energy of the plants, much like they do with tests on humans. Then they traumatized one of the plants with fire. The energy of all the plants, not just the traumatized one, was affected. Then they waited until the plant had healed and brought the fire back. They didn’t touch the plant, just had the fire near it. Once again, all of the plants in the room had their energy change. It was fascinating how one plant’s experience affected the entire room of plants. The next step was the intention to bring the fire back and traumatize the plant again. The researchers didn’t bring any fire in the room, they just stared at the plant and thought “I’m going to burn you.” That plant’s energy changed once again. Just from a thought.

It’s amazing to me how powerful thoughts are. I watch it all the time in the people around me and in myself. One thought can cause such a chain reaction.

I almost never make resolutions for the new year. I think it’s a silly tradition that’s fine for anyone who wants to make them, it just isn’t for me. I feel that if I’m going to do something, I’ll just do it. I don’t need to make a big deal of it just because of a new year. However, this year I will resolve to be more careful with my thoughts.

Think Beautifully.

Plants, Dentists, and Money

I am lacking a sense of freshness in my life. Yes, I bought Febreze, but that’s not really what I mean.

Also, why is that when I have no money, my urge to spend it is the strongest? Is this true for anyone else? I want new clothes that fit properly (I also want to fit into smaller sizes, but money doesn’t buy that… at least not without some SERIOUS cash and some lasers) and new boots and cute shoes to wear to work. I want new glasses that aren’t five years old and peeling at the frames.

I’d also like to go to the dentist, but I don’t really think that fits into the whole splurging on myself thing. Maybe it does. Especially if I finally go big and get those stains the damn orthodontist left there. Never trust a Dr. Slick. Especially one who dies suddenly in Mexico. True story, folks.

In other news, I learned that while my obsession with plants is good for purifying the oxygen in the house, it’s probably better to learn what the plants like and not just hope that your living room has the right amount of light. Also, my dogs like the dirt I bought. That’s half the reason my poor living room palm died. They kept eating the dirt and exposing the roots. They also spread the dirt all over the living room carpet. Brilliant.  The other reason it died is because in an attempt to save it, I over watered it. I mean badly. Friends, if you have a pot that doesn’t drain, I highly recommend checking under the decorative rocks you placed there to keep the damn dogs from eating the dirt to see if it actually needs watering. Seriously, when I put the new palm (which wants the kind of light the living room gives it, yay) in the pot, I was dealing with mud. I had that pot tipped over and draining a constant stream of water for at least five minutes. Probably more.

That’s my story. For now.

I share it with a serial killer and video game.

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And payday, so that’s good too. Obviously I view this as a national holiday. Not only because it’s my birthday, but because birthdays rock over all.

So far I have had a very nice one. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cards and cake from my coworkers, flowers and a balloon from The Boyfriend’s mom… yeah, good day. We’re going out to dinner so I don’t have to clean up and then MORE CAKE!

My cake at work even had little plastic animals on it. As my mother said, clearly these people know me.

So anyway… have a wonderful day today. Because today is AlexMac Day and I decree that all must have a sparkly good time. Or at least try, dammit.

Parties and Asskicking, a Favorite Combination

For my birthday (two months away, but who doesn’t like thinking about it?) I want plant things. Pretty pots, lovely, lush green things, bulbs, and most importantly, something to put the plants on. My house has a few rooms with lovely light, but nooooothing to put the plants on. I have a few smaller ones on windowsills, three plants are on a sawhorse (we’re high class… and that room isn’t finished yet) and a couple more are scattered about. So I desperately need some elegant plant holders. Or more sawhorses.

In other party related news, I am the worst bridesmaid. I couldn’t even make it to my lovely Shaba’s shower. And it was an amazing shower, the other bridesmaids really stepped up to the plate. It was Alice in Wonderland themed, can you believe that? I’ve seen the pictures, they did an incredible job and Shaba had a wonderful time. I just wish I could have been there.

It came down to a choice between going to my sister’s big dinner bash (She’s the executive chef of her school’s fanciest, most important dinner) and Shaba’s shower. And honestly, the only reason I can go to Lil Sis’s dinner is because my parents are paying for the seats and The Boyfriend and I are bunking at her apartment. I HATE making choices like that. I also hate not having the money to go to both, but that’s totally my fault and is hopefully making me more aware of what I’m doing.

So, my spring resolution is to not miss any more of my Shaba’s wedded bliss fun and preparations, and to save money so I never have to make a choice like that again.

Oh, and to thank my parents because I don’t have to disappoint TWO of my favorites.

In non-party related news (god, I want cake so badly now) please send a lot of big, kind thoughts the Staten Island way, as my Big Sis is going through a week of isolation in the last stage of kicking the hell out of the thyroid cancer that thought it could try and mess with us. Positive side? No more cancer, and she’s radioactive, therefore making a kickass comic book hero. Negative side? A week of isolation. No boyfriend hugs, no kitten snuggles, no real interaction which is something she thrives on.

So if you’ve got a spare thought, toss it her way with an air hug. She’d definitely appreciate it.

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