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Fairly Unreasonable Violence Below

So as I just told MFAMama, I want to roundhouse kick this
week in the face. Actually, this month. And that hurts my feelings because I LOVE
October. It’s one of my favorite months because so many fun things happen in
it! So while I still love October in a creepy, pre-teen-towards-a boy-band kinda
way (lots of squealing, jumping, sighing, fantasizing, and inappropriate
clothing), I want to kick this month in the taco currently. Although typing
that just made me giggle.

Nothing BAD has happened to me. Classic money stress, of
course. Exploded tire revealing that actually I got lied to by my idiot ex’s
idiot “friend” about said tires and all FOUR needed to be replaced. E coli
poisoning (so much blood…). Disappointment in not being able to see Navy as
frequently as I would like.  Bad things
keep happening to my friends. Massive rage/disappointment/sick to my stomach
feeling regarding something involving children and mental illness and custody
and I’ll shut up now.

… okay, so maybe some bad stuff has happened. I retract that
other statement. BUT I am surviving all that shit. And good stuff has happened.
I AM at least seeing Navy. He could be deployed, like my beautiful Adria’s
husband. He seems to want to continue seeing me. My sick family member is the
best kind of sick for what they’re sick for. And they’re getting better.
Annnnnd… I haven’t stabbed anyone. There. Good stuff.

But, Christ, I am so moody it annoys me. I hate everyone and
then I feel sad because I don’t really, I just feel crappy and want most of the
people I’m forced to interact with to stop being stupid. Or annoying. Either

So I should probably take a vacation, even it’s just to stay
at home, bundled with my dogs and watch silly movies at home. I just don’t
think I can make myself do that. Maybe this weekend will make me feel better
since The Parents are coming to visit.

I hope you guys are having a better October than I am. Tell
me a funny so we can both laugh and then go get mulled cider or something.


Happy Halloween!

The Cutest Pumpkin Ever

Pumpkin Pig!


You would have been treated to an adorable photo of one of my sweet animals dressed up, but The Boyfriend feels that it would terrify my guinea pig, and destroy the dignity of the rabbits and dogs. Russia would have been the cutest bumble bee ever! So instead, enjoy this stranger pig I discovered. Still cute!

Also? I’d love to know how I went from sneering at the idea of dressing animals to plotting ways to get my guys in costume. Clearly I have been possessed.

Isis the Puppy Needs You

I just looked over and realized that one of my brand new office goldfish is perfectly colored for Halloween. Bright orange and deep black splotches all over his white body. I love it! Since I bleached the hell out of the Death Cooties that were infecting the tank, I feel safe getting new office goldfish. Let’s hope I wasn’t foolish and greedy.

But… that’s not why I’m writing today. Today I’m writing because I found a wonderful, funny blogger, MFA Mama. She takes situations that would make most people cry and throw their hands up in defeat and turns them into funny life lessons and gets on with her day. She also loves animals. And her children. Annnnd that’s where this post comes in.

She got her family a self-confidence boost in the form of the most adorable pit bull puppy I’ve seen in a long time, Isis.

I want to squeeze her.

Isn't she adorable?

Isis has made the family so happy. Then Isis got a really bad, really serious skin infection. Sadly, most people finding themselves in this situation give up on the dog and move on, either euthanizing or abandoning the pup. MFA Mama managed to rummage through her savings and rally the internet and started the expensive journey of saving her dog.

But the Universe wasn’t done laughing and kicking dirt in their faces. I could go into tons of detail, but honestly, MFA Mama sums it up best in her posts and if you’re interested, I highly recommend you skip over there to catch up on the story.

What it all comes down to is this family and their pup could use some help. Even a dollar would make a difference. If you can’t do a dollar, bug other people to donate. OH! And totally check out her new MFOrganic Sea Salt Scrub. I want it. I will have it as soon as I get another pay check.

Oh, and if you donate or write a post to spread the word about Isis before November 2nd, you get entered into a sweet give-away. So, if you need more incentive than helping an adorable puppy with a good family, there ya go.

Now make Isis smile! Donate! Spread the word!

I love pictures like this

Smile Pretty!

Plants, Dentists, and Money

I am lacking a sense of freshness in my life. Yes, I bought Febreze, but that’s not really what I mean.

Also, why is that when I have no money, my urge to spend it is the strongest? Is this true for anyone else? I want new clothes that fit properly (I also want to fit into smaller sizes, but money doesn’t buy that… at least not without some SERIOUS cash and some lasers) and new boots and cute shoes to wear to work. I want new glasses that aren’t five years old and peeling at the frames.

I’d also like to go to the dentist, but I don’t really think that fits into the whole splurging on myself thing. Maybe it does. Especially if I finally go big and get those stains the damn orthodontist left there. Never trust a Dr. Slick. Especially one who dies suddenly in Mexico. True story, folks.

In other news, I learned that while my obsession with plants is good for purifying the oxygen in the house, it’s probably better to learn what the plants like and not just hope that your living room has the right amount of light. Also, my dogs like the dirt I bought. That’s half the reason my poor living room palm died. They kept eating the dirt and exposing the roots. They also spread the dirt all over the living room carpet. Brilliant.  The other reason it died is because in an attempt to save it, I over watered it. I mean badly. Friends, if you have a pot that doesn’t drain, I highly recommend checking under the decorative rocks you placed there to keep the damn dogs from eating the dirt to see if it actually needs watering. Seriously, when I put the new palm (which wants the kind of light the living room gives it, yay) in the pot, I was dealing with mud. I had that pot tipped over and draining a constant stream of water for at least five minutes. Probably more.

That’s my story. For now.

New Pet!

So. I did not adopt Precious, but she did go to a new home, so that’s very exciting. I have added to my ever expanding pet family though! The Boyfriend and I finally decided to make our foster dog, Tanner, a permanent member of the family.

We got Tanner in January and he was adopted in February. Sadly (not for us) the adoption didn’t work out because a family member was wildly allergic to him and he came back to us in March. He is an absolutely doll baby of a dog. He’s anywhere from 3 to 8 years old. It’s hard to tell because when he first came into the rescue he was suffering from some very serious heartworm, so he was sluggish and acting like a very old dog. Then he came to us. The day he came he was dropped off at my work and I immediately brought him inside for some love from the coworkers. And oh, did this dog need love. Part Lab, Golden Retriever, and probably Bloodhound, he weighed 56 pounds, his hips and ribs showing, he was stinky, and you couldn’t pet him even once without your hand coming away with that dirty dog grime you get when you pet a dog for (usually) a long time. Even with having a nearly 2 day trip, which meant no food, all he wanted was to be pet. He immediately lay on the ground for belly rubs. His eyes ate at your soul because they were so sad.

They were sad for a reason. Tanner was found in Georgia tied to a tree AFTER the owners of the house had moved away. Then he was taken to a kill shelter. The boy is lucky to be alive.

However, the moment he walked into the house, his eyes lit up and his butt wiggled and he went straight for the couch. The Boyfriend commented on how it was like he was different dog.

We bathed him that night and he just let us. He was so good. Through everything we discovered that he was scratching himself till he bled because he had a yeast infection everywhere. Four months later we discovered that the yeast had been covering up sarcoptic mange, which he had given to Russia. (They’re fine now) He had tape worms as well. We fixed him up and got him a home. He left us fatter, happier, and much healthier. I’ll give the adopters this, he came back to us at a perfect weight and with a new shot of confidence. He actually plays with toys now, which is kinda huge.

Anyway, I knew were going to have trouble giving him up a second time when I started getting protective over him going to an adoption display. Even for the day. And The Boyfriend kept worrying about whether Tanner knew we loved him. He had to stay out of the bedroom because that was Russia’s one Tanner-free space that was his.

So when The Boyfriend turned to me a few weeks ago and asked “What would you think about keeping Tanner? Like making him a permanent family member?” I wasn’t surprised. But I was really pleased.

So he’s ours now.


He LOVES to go for car rides. You open a door and he's in the vehicle.

Why aren't you petting me?

Look at those eyes! They beg for love. And treats. And pets.


So Puppyface, Lord Puppington, Senor Puppyface, also known as Russia, is getting neutered today. As in I just dropped him off and he watched me walk away from him as he whined in panic and confusion. And probably hunger since my boy hasn’t eaten since breakfast yesterday. He likes his food.

I know I’m doing the right thing. It increases his life span by two to three years, gets rid of a bunch of possible diseases, and will make him a happier dog overall. I can tell because he’ll want to snuggle with us, get up on the couch and then realize that he hasn’t surveyed his territory in the last thirty seconds and he’ll have to get down to go make sure everything is still his. But it cuts into his snuggle time, which he loves.

But I’m also worried. It’s surgery. A routine, simple one, but still surgery. He’s prone to having expensive issues.

So basically, everyone cross your fingers that things go well. And that he doesn’t throw up his first meal, because that would REALLY upset him. Until he ate it again. Gross, dude.

He's such a meatball!

Russia's first morning with us.

He's so silly!

My not so tiny puppy now.

Update: Russia is out of surgery and back home. He’s doing pretty darn well. He hates the collar, but he certainly needs it because he already tried to chew there. Now we just need to get through the healing process without him ripping something open, haha!

It’s the Little Things

It’s interesting how attached we get to little things. My sweet, adorable, darling, giant of a puppy ate my phone Monday night. Okay, so he didn’t swallow anything (I hope) but he certainly destroyed the hell out of it. The front keyboard was ripped out, any thing remotely moveable was permanently removed, the casing was cracked and pulled apart, and there were really deep tooth marks in the rest of it. Miraculously, the phone still turned on and could probably have functioned as a phone… if I wanted to punch numbers with a toothpick and desired the Most Ghetto Phone of All.

He also broke the microSD card. Yeah, the one stuffed INSIDE the phone. Snapped it in half with the power of his monster jaws. I think he’s part Lab, part shark. This means that a good 200 pictures are gone. Forever. Most of them were just silly things, but some were precious. The gray cat in the PA ASPCA shelter I loved at first sight and never saw again. Some photos of Kaylee, my rabbit and Nora, my guinea pig. Fun photos my friends sent me. X’s ultrasound and pregnant belly photos. (Although I have a sneaking suspicion that I can get those again) Tanner the foster dog with his awesome Laser Eyes photo and Peggy the soon to be foster dog giving birth to her soon to be foster puppies.

I have all the memories, so it’s silly to be so upset that they’re gone. The Boyfriend can replace some of them, so there is that. It was just surprising to me how much of a gut punch to realize that all of those were lost.

I’m curious, is there something you’re really attached to that you think is probably trivial in the big picture, but you would grieve if you lost?

To Make Up For the Post Below

This is to take your mind off the depressing post below.

Look into these eyes!!!

Respect Mah Authoritah!

Does anyone else make up ridiculous songs while you’re in the bathroom? No? Just me? Dammit.

Well, Russia graduated Pet Dog 101. YAAAAAAY!!! He’s also the only dog who really played with his graduation Frisbee. He did great, despite having waaay too much energy from spending the last few days in his crate. The Boyfriend hasn’t been able to take him to work and I’ve only been able to sneak home during my lunch hour. He’s enrolled into Pet Dog 102 and we’re just so proud! *sniffle*

This would be a great segue into my latest dog obsession, but unless you actually want to hear me ramble about it, I won’t bore you with it.

Instead I’ll ramble about something totally different.

I have had very little tolerance for sass in the past week or so. At first I thought it was just me being PMSy (that’s my contribution to TMI Thursday, ps) but it has continued on past that. And it’s not me being bitchy, just me being far more likely to shoot someone down for being elitist or completely and wrongly entitled. Which isn’t great, because a good number of my clients feel very entitled. “You need to go to the hospital and get MY pain pills and then drive up and give them to me and then drive me down to Cumby’s so I can get a drink.” Orrrr, you could suck on my left big toe, whatever. (Yeah, somebody actually said that to me. Not even my own client! Needless to say, I did not go get her pain pills.)

Honestly, I think as long as I watch my tone of voice and keep things cheerful and polite while I crush their hopes and dreams, this new attitude might be helpful for them. Far too many of them don’t hear “no” from the mental health workers, and frankly it’s my job to help them live as normal a life as possible. And normal includes being told no and demanding basic respect.

So who thinks I’m going to get fired?

Spring Fever While Hoping for Snow

I did a little link clearing and link adding. Basically, if the link was never updated and not one of my close friends, it went away. Just my version of spring cleaning on the blog. Because… you know… I update every day… and I’m totally not jealous of the DC area and their THREE FEET OF SNOW.

How is it that I’m in Northern New Hampshire (or at least in the damn mountains, The Boyfriend gets all geographical when I say we’re northern) and I’m looking at patches of bare ground and frigging Virginia and Georgia are getting snow? Totally not fair.

In non-weather related news, Russia is hopefully graduating from his first obedience course tonight. I say hopefully not because he’s bad at the commands. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure this dog would learn to drive a car if he knew it would get him food. He’s one of the smartest, if not THE smartest dogs in the class. And that’s not just me being a proud mama, he’s frighteningly smart and stubborn.

However, to get a good number of the points needed to pass the class, you have to teach your dog an extra trick from the list outside of class, such as play dead and some other choices. We lost the paper, so that’s the only one we remember. Now, I mentioned once or twice in the beginning that we needed to teach Russia a special trick. “Oh, it’ll be no big deal.” Fast forward to week six, where we’ve lost the paper with the trick list, Russia doesn’t randomly fall over, so it’s hard to teach him to be dead, and I’m panicking.

It’s all our fault too. For the first two days of “Oh my god, we have to teach this dog!!” we were lazy and I didn’t force the issue. Then the next night I had a migraine that made me contemplate how sweet death really would be. I actually went to bed early.  I didn’t even read!! That says something. Last night? I was really going to try, but during the day, Russia didn’t take well to me trying to force him to roll over and then The Boyfriend did something extremely painful to himself, and frankly, no one was concentrating on dog tricks after that.

Don’t worry, everyone is alive.

*sighs* I really hope we’re not the only losers who failed to teach an extra trick to our dog. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Russia will instantly learn high five?

I’m going to go attempt to pick a new blog design to distract myself.

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