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Hanging On for the Ride

It’s hard getting my thoughts in order and then down on the page. I’m so used to being able to write nearly effortlessly that this… disconnect has been very strange for me. Obviously, I don’t write as much as I did and things have been very stressful for the past…. year. But still… I feel I should still write as well and easily as before.

Things have been very black and white lately. 2011 is pulling a Dickens and becoming the best and worst of times. My self-confidence and self-worth have risen to a level I never thought possible. I’ve met some great people and gotten closer to others that I treasure. I find myself a stronger person. However, it’s also been a year of some serious depression and upheavals. Change can be good, but it is always stressful and plans never work out quite the way you saw them originally.

What’s all this vague blah blah blah about? A great example is the end of the July heading into the foreseeable future. My heart was filled to bursting as I traveled back to NEPA to attend the wedding of the Philosopher to his beautiful partner. I got to spend some serious quality time with some of my best friends. Shaba and I have decided this seeing each other once a year for weddings bullshit has to stop. We’re out of mutual friends prepared to make the leap, afterall.

However, the day I arrived, I also got the news I was dreading about the health of a close family member. It is an interesting feeling in the heart to feel incredibly happy and devastated at the same time. Then mix in some fury, since I deal with things well. We won’t even mention the stress from job concerns, since that takes a serious back seat to this.

Another layer added on to this complicated trifle of emotions was that right as all of this was happening, I was also starting something more than just an exchange of emails with a guy from one of the dating sites. The first one to grab my attention and keep it. To make my heart pound. The first one to make me act like a total girl and throw on thirty different outfits before meeting for pizza. He can make me smile from just a text and has me constantly laughing and happy when I’m with him. And I seem to be doing the same things for him (although he’d probably object to being called a girl and I doubt he put on thirty outfits before meeting me at the drive-in last night).

Of course because it’s me, he can’t be a simple guy in my mountains, just doing his thing. No, he’s a Navy man (mmm, that uniform)(also bonus points due to serious pride for my father’s Naval service) who is going through his own share of troubles. An hour and a half away from me. But if he can brighten my heart through the health issues and missing of friends and I can make him laugh despite his situation, then I think this is worth further exploration.

So my life is a roller coaster with some pretty serious dips and turns right now. Good thing I like adventure, right?

How are all of you? Screaming up and down a roller coaster or taking a turn in the tea cups?


Blehh… sunshine and happiness hurt.

So I am in day two of the first migraine in awhile. I’m also
knee deep in day two of brilliant, gorgeous sunlight. Of course the world
decides to explode in lighted glory right as I become massively light
sensitive. The good news is I haven’t thrown up. Yet. Aren’t you glad you’re

In the dating world, nothing has really improved. There are
definitely some nice guys out there, but honestly, when I get a message saying
that “Clitpleaser86” wants to meet me, I don’t get that excited. At least he’s
up front about what he thinks he can offer a woman. I’ll give people like him
that much. I’m definitely still having fun, so there’s that. I just can’t help
laughing at some of the stuff people think is a good idea to put out there.

I will be more exciting after this headache dies its painful
death. Unless it takes me with it. Then the funeral will be exciting.


Isis the Puppy Needs You

I just looked over and realized that one of my brand new office goldfish is perfectly colored for Halloween. Bright orange and deep black splotches all over his white body. I love it! Since I bleached the hell out of the Death Cooties that were infecting the tank, I feel safe getting new office goldfish. Let’s hope I wasn’t foolish and greedy.

But… that’s not why I’m writing today. Today I’m writing because I found a wonderful, funny blogger, MFA Mama. She takes situations that would make most people cry and throw their hands up in defeat and turns them into funny life lessons and gets on with her day. She also loves animals. And her children. Annnnd that’s where this post comes in.

She got her family a self-confidence boost in the form of the most adorable pit bull puppy I’ve seen in a long time, Isis.

I want to squeeze her.

Isn't she adorable?

Isis has made the family so happy. Then Isis got a really bad, really serious skin infection. Sadly, most people finding themselves in this situation give up on the dog and move on, either euthanizing or abandoning the pup. MFA Mama managed to rummage through her savings and rally the internet and started the expensive journey of saving her dog.

But the Universe wasn’t done laughing and kicking dirt in their faces. I could go into tons of detail, but honestly, MFA Mama sums it up best in her posts and if you’re interested, I highly recommend you skip over there to catch up on the story.

What it all comes down to is this family and their pup could use some help. Even a dollar would make a difference. If you can’t do a dollar, bug other people to donate. OH! And totally check out her new MFOrganic Sea Salt Scrub. I want it. I will have it as soon as I get another pay check.

Oh, and if you donate or write a post to spread the word about Isis before November 2nd, you get entered into a sweet give-away. So, if you need more incentive than helping an adorable puppy with a good family, there ya go.

Now make Isis smile! Donate! Spread the word!

I love pictures like this

Smile Pretty!

Turning WordPress in Livejournal

I have been in a funk lately, both in life and in writing. I do this sometimes. Shocker, I know. Usually I’m so subtle with my serpentine mood swings that no one can tell. My mother thinks I may have a touch of the wintertime woes. I think I’m lonely and just slightly unhinged.

Either way, I feel there are things missing from my life. A duo or maybe trio of wonderful girlfriends who can spontaneously go shopping or cooking with me. Seriously, this weekend I almost asked a WalMart employee if my ass looked dumpy in these jeans. I didn’t, thank god, but it was close. (Bonus Fun Fact: Never attempt to make yourself feel better by trying on WalMart clothes. You will discover that your thighs look a little bit like baby walruses trapped in denim and cotton.) I also miss having my best guy friends to chill with for an afternoon watching movies or strolling about town.

Please do not get me wrong. The Boyfriend is one of the bestest of best friends and an A+ snuggler, but he has his own life. I refuse to duct tape him to my side just to alleviate my blues. Also, I think he would slit his wrists with his fingernails if I tried to make him give me details about my ass in jeans in a dressing room. And he straight up REFUSES to let me braid his hair. I know, ridiculous. His excuse is that it’s not even an inch long, but all I hear is “blah blah blah, I don’t care about your needs.” Actually, to be honest I don’t hear anything because when ever I ask or try, he just gives me this stare. It’s chilling and clearly states that I am a mere IQ point away from legally retarded.

This general feeling of blah is compounded by the fact that Tim Gunn is not my stylist (and if the Boyfriend hears his name on more time, I think I’m sleeping on the couch) and I feel frumpy. Or hideous, it really depends on the day. Yes, I could work out and save a little money for clothes, but these things don’t make me feel better. Trust me, that whole euphoria thing they talk about when you exercise? Total bullshit. Give me a fucking brownie any day.

I love my job, I love where I live and who I live with. Even when Russia the Puppy gets a little over excited or as we call it “acts like a little bastard”. I just feel kind of stuck. Any suggestions to cheer myself up or give myself something to do? And please don’t suggest cleaning the house because while I dearly wish to (New year, things should be CLEAN and ORGANIZED) that would involve caging the pup and I try to avoid that as much as possible. Then I sit down to unwind a bit and never seem to get up.


For Sammy

I was hoping my next post was going to be happy. Then last night happened. No, no, I’m fine, my relationship is fine, and my assorted animals (including a new betta because I need a support program) are fine with the exception of a goldfish that has bubbles. Not as cute as it sounds, also more deadly then it sounds, but he’s being treated.

No, this is a story about a dog. If you’re eating or faint of heart, seriously skip this and come back for the next update.

My friend helps run a rescue organization I support when I can that rescues dogs from high kill shelters down south, puppy mills, and surrenders. Basically if there is a dog no one else will take and he or she needs help, Help Save One is there, breaking the bank to do what they can for that dog. I get my heart broken constantly on Urgents page, but last night I skipped over to the Pawsitive (gag) Causes after the Boyfriend once again denied my plea for one of the Rottweiler/Red Doberman puppies.

That’s where I saw Sammy. Sammy is this big, beautiful, tawny dog, who was a stray that a family was feeding. Then Sammy went missing for two days. When he returned, it looked like someone had taken his eyes and ripped them out, replacing them with smashed plums. Someone had tortured this animal, either beating him so badly around his head that his eyes swelled and popped or they had been punctured. Yet, even with all that damage, he made it back to the house that was feeding him.

I couldn’t help it. I immediately burst into tears seeing the pictures of him. The Boyfriend came back to find me like this and just held me while I explained. Oh god, even now the thought of it is making me a little teary. Who could do that? Why would they do that? I know, I know, there are so many fucked up, awful reasons, but STILL!

Instead of just putting him down like almost anyone would, Help Save One is working with them to give Sammy a better life. His eyes had to be removed, there was nothing really there to save. But he’s alive, he has his nose, and hopefully he will find the love he deserves in a permanent home.

I’m sorry to talk about something so awful, but I couldn’t keep Sammy to myself. I think places like Help Save One are wonderful, something that helps me keep from despairing over humanity that could do something like this to an animal, or anything. For every miserable piece of shit out there, there are more people working to make it better.

They are actively searching for the person or people who hurt Sammy. I want them to die painfully, but I think the Boyfriend has a better wish – he hopes they live painfully, with someone taking their eyes.

Help Save One is an great organization and if you have an extra dollar, or a moment to click a vote button, I highly recommend you do so. All the Sammys deserve a chance. And if you’re looking for a new addition to your life, they’ve also reduced a lot of their adoption fees. The site is here.

Update: I have wonderful news. The foster family that took Sammy in loved him so much they’re adopting him. He’s adjusted really well to not having eyes and is living that happy, loving life he deserves.

Hot Pepper Weekend

Hi there, Face here. OH MY GOD, FLASHBACK!! *ahem* Sorry, I can’t always contain myself. I also don’t try very hard. Is Face still doing Nick Jr.? I promise not to judge you if you know. (That’s almost probably a lie)

So this weekend I picked apples, made an amazing apple crisp, made apple sauce and transported two large, homicidal angel fish across two state lines. They were surprisingly docile and everyone is alive and happy. Fun Fact: When transporting larger fish, a bucket and a garbage bag are the tested and approved form of container. I know, your lives are suddenly so enriched by that knowledge. Oh, and you definitely wish you could taste my apple crisp*.

I also got a hair cut yesterday, which is a little short, but hey, hair grows (and I told her to do it, I’m adventurous) and two people have already given me compliments. Whether they were the sincere type versus the “Sweet Jesus, I have to say something nice!” type I will probably never know.

Oh, and I also got two miniature hot pepper plants that are ADORABLE! I will have to take a picture for you, as I found no good links for them.

We’re also into the house now, which is Full of Happy for the most part. There are still Things that need to be Ironed Out, but for the most part it is a place of joy, carpeting, guinea pig hiding, and glowing fish tanks. That last part alone basically guarantees that Shaba will have to think long and hard before visiting me.

Well, now that I’ve bombarded you with information you couldn’t live without, I’ll let you get back to that other thing you were doing. I also promise that there might be something more interesting up later.

*Probably not a euphemism.

Social Studies

So first I got a livejournal. It was high school, everyone did it. Good way to bitch about my little sister and not so subtlety talk about my secret loves. I was so smooth. Really though, my lj had very little of the drama wank everyone talks about.

Then I was going to go to college. I have to find out about who I’ll be living with, right? Find classmates and potential friends, right? So on to Facebook! YAY! That was good times. Still is, when I think about it.

Then I started betraying my beliefs (silly as they may be). I was never going to be part of that sparkle obsessed, crappy music blaring, blinking monstrosity that was MySpace. Fuck that noise. Oh wait… Love has a MySpace and posts quizzes that are fun to read and occasionally contain tidbits about me that make me sigh and smile because GODDAMN AREN’T WE ADORABLE?! Shit, it’s private? Oh, it doesn’t have to blink? I guess I’ll sign up then! Hi, everyone! (I should mention that shortly after I got on there, Love had to start ignoring his… thanks, dear!)

Things mellowed out for awhile. Shaba said I should start a blog and I replied with a well thought response of “meh”. But she started the wheels turning and I started thinking about all the things I would say if I didn’t have to worry about crushing feelings on livejournal or having people up in arms. A blog that I didn’t advertise to all my friends sounded pretty good. It took two weeks to get my name, but whatever.

Then, there was all this news about Twitter. “That’s silly,” I said to myself. “I talk to my friends now and if I really want to, I can go read people’s Twitters.” Then I got bored. And Love joined. And a good portion of college friends were on. And Shaba made hers Friends Only. Fuck, alright. I joined. Actually, it turned out well. I’m loving Twitter. Most of time. When my friends aren’t totally ridiculous and I have the buzzing in my pocket in a meeting (hush, you, silence isn’t for my phone). Twitter is great way to casually stalk them without actually being NEPA. Yes, that is as creepy as it sounds. Hope your shower is warm enough, Sher!

But now I’m thinking of joining Tumblr. Why? Because everyone’s is so pretty! I wanna be pretty! But seriously… how many social media outlets can one girl really use without being ridiculous? Because the next step is Flickr and dammit, I can’t find my camera…

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