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Plants Plants Plants Plants

I have an obsession with plants. I’ve mentioned it a few times and it even has its own little blog tag. Awww, adorable. I characterize it as an obsession because I am constantly dramatic in my speech and because I find myself purchasing new plants or repotting current plants as a way to boost my mood. That and it’s very hard for me to pass by the Garden section of any store I’m in without trying to rationalize a purchase.

You would expect, then, that my apartment would be filled to the point of looking like a greenhouse or an episode of Hoarders. It doesn’t. My roommate may not completely agree, but every plant has a place and there isn’t a lot of crowding. Sure, it gets a little tight when cold weather dictates that I bring in my outside plants, but I’ve stuck those in the Fuzzies’ room where my roommate doesn’t have to trip over them. And it was a struggle to find new places when we decided to use a plant stand to hold up our cute little Christmas tree.

This is on my mind currently because I’ve moved to a different office and I now have a little more room. Instantly my mind was trying to decide between plants and a fish tank. I’m going with plants because, hey, let’s face it… I need another fish tank to take care of like I need another hang nail. I have plenty (of both currently) and it hurts when I don’t take proper care of them. (Hah, a complete metaphor, go me!)

I think plants make a room come alive and they can make such a lovely impression. I love all the different kinds and finding the perfect spot and perfect pot pleases me so much. When I have to repot them it’s a moment of triumph for me because I did such a good job taking care of the little guy, he’s grown enough to need a bigger space.

So basically, this post is just an excuse for me to talk about plants before I go out and buy that nifty tropical with the pink leaves to put in that corner riiiiight over there. Perfect. File this post under WTF: Random.



I received the nicest compliment I’ve gotten in a long time yesterday. My coworker K has a little boy who is around nine who comes into the office once in awhile. He and I frequently chat about my office beta and he keeps me up to date on his fiddler crab situation. He is a very sweet, incredibly charming little boy whose smile can light up the room. Apparently, he went to his mom the other day and asked “Do you know who inspired me to take really good care of my pets and love all creatures, furry and scaly?” Then he beamed up at her and said “AlexMac did!”

When K told me that, it just made my day. It was just the pick up I needed. I don’t know if I’ve ever been anyone’s inspiration before.


Stop It

Argh… can’t stand it. I have to counter-act the negativity of my last post with something good.

We caught three feral cats during the really cold snap after Christmas and they’ve all been fixed, checked for disease, and vaccinated. The little ones have lung worm, but they’re fighting it off.

These are the younger two. One is definitely going to be adoptable; the other one might be if he gets enough affection. They look so nervous here!

It's okay, little guys! We're the food givers!

They were caught together in the same trap

I didn’t get a picture of the older black guy because he was so terrified and flying everywhere trying to get away from us at the shelter. Then when I showed up later, he was hiding under the blankets. He’ll be released soon, so he’ll be happy again and free of parasites.

I already had offers from two co-workers to go and snuggle with the cats for an hour to help make them more adoptable. That’s so wonderful!

See, this is what I need to be thinking about when I start getting miserable. It’s just so hard to break into the spiral once it has started.

A Mouse in a Lion Suit

It’s always disappointing when you expect yourself to roar like a lion and all you hear is a little mouse whisper.

I got my butt patted by a client the other day. He came up behind me and BAM! Hand on my ass. I was so shocked that I was literally speechless for a moment. That right there is upsetting. I would have hoped that my pseudo-confident, feminist, positive sex self had taken over more of the shy, scared little girl than that. My response to something like that in my head was always either a slap/punch (let’s face it, I’m violent) or an immediate “Don’t EVER touch me again!” said loudly. Instead, there was nothing.

Luckily, another client, a sweet older man, immediately spoke up. “Hey now! We don’t do that kind of thing!” Thanks, old man, for speaking when I couldn’t. I’m glad that someone could, and doubly glad it was someone of your gender and age.

Sadly, my mouse voice continued even further. Once I was alone with the client, instead of speaking in a confident, strong voice, I quietly told him that his actions were completely inappropriate. Quietly. It obviously had no effect on him, since he made two inappropriate comments during our time together. Yes, I again let him know this was unacceptable.

I ever APOLOGIZED to my supervisor when I told her about it. As if it were in any way my fault. I apologized multiple times because of the hassle she would have to go through because it. She never made it seem like a hassle, in fact had a really great response to it, which makes me feel good. Too often things like this are swept under the rug. However, I feel almost trained to apologize for something like this because I’m obviously at fault. I’m a woman after all.

NO! That’s so wrong and I hate that I feel even one iota of that. I want so badly for no female to ever feel it’s her fault. Or man who gets harassed for that matter.

So. We’ll see how it goes next time with the client and if even one thing makes me vaguely uncomfortable, I’m done. He can go to someone else. I refuse to put up with that behavior, especially when it has nothing to do with his symptoms. At least I know I’ll be supported there.

I’ll run back into a burning building for a friend, but I apparently won’t speak up for myself. This is a problem. And one I promise myself I will work on. You should too.

Please don’t ever lose your voice.

I share it with a serial killer and video game.

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And payday, so that’s good too. Obviously I view this as a national holiday. Not only because it’s my birthday, but because birthdays rock over all.

So far I have had a very nice one. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cards and cake from my coworkers, flowers and a balloon from The Boyfriend’s mom… yeah, good day. We’re going out to dinner so I don’t have to clean up and then MORE CAKE!

My cake at work even had little plastic animals on it. As my mother said, clearly these people know me.

So anyway… have a wonderful day today. Because today is AlexMac Day and I decree that all must have a sparkly good time. Or at least try, dammit.

Car Peeves

Okay, people, when you are riding in someone else’s car, do you fiddle with their radio? Their air conditioning settings? The change they have in their dash?

No. You fucking don’t.

Okay, maybe you do, and if you do, I apologize, but I’m probably going to have to stab you at some point. Ask my Lil’Sis.

I fully understand that my intense dislike of people toying with settings in my car probably stems from my… well, flaw*. I’m possessive. Don’t touch my shit without asking, and even then… we’ll talk. If I like you. Maybe.

So take this rather healthy trait of mine and add people riding in my car. Mentally ill people who have a tendency to fidget and touch things and no idea of basic niceties of public interaction**. They adjust my settings CONSTANTLY and I’m supposed to be the mature, model-like person, so slapping their hands would probably get me fired. So instead I just sit there and fume.

I even tell them “If it’s too hot or cold, let me know, we can put a window down or mess with the heating.” It’s not like I’m never going to let them do anything. They can adjust their seat however they want! But when my radio is on, don’t change the channel, and if it’s off… leave it that way. Just. Ask.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest before I drove into oncoming traffic, screaming at my terrified passenger for turning the air conditioner on.

Which one of us is the mentally ill person again?

*Flaw? As in single? I only have one? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
** Some of them. For some things. I generalize. Shut up.

May, Muffins, and More M Words

Oh. Hello, May. You came along rather suddenly. Not that I mind. You happen to be one of my favorite months. Why, yes, it IS because my birthday happens in May. You’re such a clever, intelligent, and attractive month. Just like everyone born in you.

Except for you, Jeffery Dahmer.

So the past week was interesting weather-wise. It snowed Monday and Tuesday and then by Saturday and Sunday it was so damn hot that when I was walking the dogs, I was sweating, Gross sticky humidity on Sunday. But good lord, am I enjoying the warmth. I adore seasons and right now I am so ready for the warmth of Spring/Summer.

I also bought two adorable chubby calico goldfish for my office. They are Alfred and Moe and they definitely brighten up the place and make me all sorts of cheerful.

In other news… I got nothing. I did recently discover that Paula Dean is making a cake mix and sweet LORD is it good. Mmmm, so fluffy. I also bought her blueberry muffin mix and will be trying that soon. There are few things that can make a morning better than fresh baked blueberry muffins for breakfast.

Start A Revolution. Or At Least Fix That Damn Leaky Faucet.

I have a sort of blindness. If I become passionate about something, I don’t understand why others don’t become passionate about that subject as well. It’s not that I feel whatever I’m interested in is the most important thing, it’s just a sort of child-like lack of ability to make the connection that not everyone cares about the same thing.

Obviously I understand this on some level, but there’s always this little piece of me that saying “Wait, how can you just walk away from this? Isn’t this important to you too?” Okay, maybe I completely understand how not everyone is as interested in my obsession with food, or how not everyone thinks Vin Diesel is amazingly hot, sweet, and kind.

But we have a bunch of feral cats running around my office. Most of the time they do just fine, but sometimes they get really sick, or die, and frankly, they breed like hell which makes things less healthy for EVERYONE, including the cats. Apparently, people have been complaining of this problem to the local shelter for over SIX YEARS, but no one ever did anything. The shelter doesn’t have the space or manpower to trap ferals and the locals didn’t care enough.

If it’s bothering you or you’re worried, why aren’t you doing something? I guess a small group was, but it wasn’t very organized. I talked to shelter, got us a trap, a reduced rate to fix and treat any cat we bring in, and got all of this taken care of in a few weeks. Very little actually effort there. And we’ve already caught and released a cat.

If something is bothering you or if you’re passionate about something, stand up and DO something about it. Bring a little revolution into your life. By no means am I a true activist, always fighting for my passions and beliefs, getting things done. But I feel that if you really believe in something or if it’s something that bugs you and is easily fixed… why not move forward and take care of it.

That’s what I’m going to try for in my life. To be a little more of Revolutionary Girl. (Which is the title of my favorite poem by my friend Shelle… Also a reference to one of my favorite animes because I am a nerd. You love me anyway.)

Not a Good Day…

Today actually started out fairly well… I even got to go to lunch with The Boyfriend at one of our favorite restaurants where a friend of his works.

Sadly, after lunch things kind of went downhill. Every Tuesday I take a few clients to volunteer at the local animal shelter. It works out perfectly because they get to feel good about helping, the shelter gets the help they desperately need, and I get to hang out with cats and dogs for at least an hour! Today only one client was able to go and when we showed up, the shelter was closed for a training. This particular client suffers from pretty severe depression, so I suggested we go to a shelter not too much farther away in Maine so she’d still get her animal fix.

On the way home a squirrel shot out in front of my car. Maybe if it hadn’t been raining or if I’d been going a little slower, I would have been able to avoid it. Definitely did not. If I had been alone, I would have immediately burst into tears and probably screamed a little. Due of the client, I had to at least pretend to be kind of calm. At least not a total wreck.

The poor little guy was still moving and we were actually right outside my vet’s office, so I found something flat to scoop him up and we took him in. He didn’t make it, but at least I tried.

Sooo… that sucked. A lot. Sorry to be depressing.

Pet Peeves

I may have used that title before… obviously I’m too lazy to check.

Let’s go over a few of my faaaaaavorite pet peeves.. Okay, let’s go over one of them. Lying. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly Princess Truthful every day. Certain lies are necessary, such as whether or not a hair cut looks nice (until they tell you they’re getting it again, then it is your duty as a friend to say at least something) or if that new puppy is adorable.

HOWEVER…. nothing bothers me more then a lie directly to the face that is just plain bad. Two recent examples are perfect. Yesterday, I got a call from a client asking me to pick him up from the hospital as he hadn’t heard from his friend. I had time, so I told him I’d be right there and ran up to tell the receptionist where I was going.  Halfway there, I get a frantic call from the receptionist saying that the client had called back and was already gone from the hospital. This was annoying, but not uncommon. Shockingly, despite being mostly dependent on our services and how far out of the way (and job description) we go for them, most of our clients are neither grateful or careful with appointments. And I got Twizzlers out of it, so I got over my annoyance.

Then this afternoon, said client drops off a note blaming the mix up on the receptionists sending his calls to the wrong extension. LIE! FUCKING LIE!! I talked to her right before I left!  I showed the receptionist and she is piiiiissed.  I do not envy that client when he shows his face next.

Next new favorite lie? Mentioned to a friend that a website page hadn’t been updated in awhile. Not a huge deal, people get busy. I guess my friend mentioned this to the person who is suppose to be updating (my friend doesn’t have internet right now) and the person told her that the page was updated daily. SERIOUSLY?! Ugh… obviously I’m looking at a totally different page. That would be a great excuse, except the entire website will go days without change, which makes the whole “updated daily” thing still bullshit.

Soo… that’s kind of my rant for the day. I’m still kind of working out the whole “I get too angry or annoyed by things” issue I’m having.

In other news, I still don’t have a dress for my sister’s dinner or Shaba’s wedding. I did go shopping though!

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